How emotional plays a major role in life journey

Are you emotional fool? Are Emotions plays a major role in your life? Are you not understanding how to control it? Then here you will find your answer. Emotions is attached with specific events which disrupt the thought process of people. The mood is a generalized feeling which does not identify or interrupt the ongoing thought process.

There are many reasons which can make you think negatively which, and it can affect your general attitude or mood of the work. Emotion is always not a bad thing; it is an experience in our life on a regular basis. Nowadays, people share their emotional status on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and much more. Some status is discussing below:

  1. “Being sad is not the saddest part, it is sad without you.”
  2. “Always the best smile comes out with tears!”

Emotions are always complex, and some theories say that these are the state of feeling which affects our physical and psychological behavior. Emotions include motivation, feeling, behavior, Psychological changes, etc. People keep nice emotional WhatsApp status where if you read and relate with your life you will become very much emotional. Some also discuss their problems in making themselves free and comfortable.

There is some basic emotion which can affect human behavior. This emotion includes happiness, sadness, disgust, anger, surprise, fear, etc. This is a universal emotion which experienced by all human culture. These are discussing below:

  1. Happiness: This emotion includes contentment, joy, gratification, satisfaction, and much more. Happiness can be express by facial expression, body language, pleasant voice tone, etc.
  2. Sadness: This is one type of feeling which expresses disappointment, grief, hopelessness, dampened mood, etc. Many types of sadness is there in people’s lives depending on the root cause how people react to this.
  3. Fear: Fear is also a powerful emotion which is very important for survival. It can be express by facial expression, physiological reaction, threat, etc. Expression of fear is different for different people.
  4. Disgust: Through physical reaction like vomiting or retching you can show your feeling. People can get the disgust response for poor hygiene, infection, blood, death, and much more.
  5. Anger: This is very powerful emotion which includes hostility, agitation, frustration, and much more. Through body language, aggressive behavior, and with voice tone, you can show your anger.
  6. Surprise: This comes when something happens in your life unexpectedly, and you become happy about it. Verbal reaction, physical response plays a major role to express the surprise feeling.

Emotions have a vital role in our lives, and the reaction of it depends on our decision. Emotion also helps us for a deeper understanding of a situation.