How Much Does It Cost to Boost a WoW Character?

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the ninth expansion of the legendary fantasy game. Since November 2020, it has already won millions of players’ hearts around the world. 

This part of the franchise has several features: the system of level compression from 120 to 60 has been introduced, covenants and new dungeons have been added. To reach the covenants and most dungeons, you have to upgrade your character. Let’s take a look at some upgrading aspects.

Upgrading Actions

There are several methods of boosting in SL:

  • Complete all the plot events and quests to reach a gaming experience
  • Order professional boosting services

The second option suits you if you don’t want to spend much time on usual events but reach covenants and gain experience. The boosting process takes some stages:

  1. You enter the website and choose the necessary offer
  2. Choose the time package
  3. Buy it on the platform
  4. Contact the service staff to discuss details
  5. Give an account access info
  6. Vocational players enter your account and start boosting
  7. You reach the necessary level/get the artifacts/mounts you want
  8. You get all the items that boosters carry 

The overall boosting sum depends on your experience, the experience you want to reach, and the time package.

Arena Boosts

Aside from the classic level boosting in WoW, there are some more Shadowlands offers. For example, arena 3v3 WoW boost

Arena Upgrades are a great way to get elite gear regularly. Just select your arena rating and the rating you want. Next, a professional booster boosts your account. You can follow his/her actions in live mode. The overall price is $100.


The game includes 8 dungeons, with 4 of them available to boost. Each season of Shadowlands, you can earn the Keystone Master achievement. You need to complete all mythic + dungeons on time at increased difficulty. 

If you have reached level 60, you can buy this boost. In addition to the achievement, you get a unique mount and the title of Sinfall. All items collected during the passage also remain with you. The approximate boosting time is from 1 to 3 days. Average price $130.