How Much Does Shower Door Installation Cost?

Bathrooms are considered a high-traffic area in homes. Therefore, its interior plays a huge role in increasing the overall value of the home. This implies that investing in bathroom upgrades is never a long shot. 

When it comes to improving the bathroom interior, updating the shower enclosure is considered one of the most prominent upgrades. Why is that so? Mainly due to the fact that glass shower enclosures add an exceptional class to the bathroom, offer enhanced functionality and create an illusion of wider space. All these qualities make shower doors an important part of contemporary bathrooms. So if you are up for bathroom improvement, investing in a glass shower enclosure is surely the best bet. Glass shower doors come in a broad variety. The installation costs vary for each door type. We will cover different shower door installation cost in this blog. Follow through to understand the factors that affect the installation costs.

Factors That Affect the Shower Door Installation Cost

Glass shower doors have gained popularity among homeowners. Different types of glass shower enclosures are therefore introduced over the years to cater to different requirements of the masses. For example, sliding shower doors work great for people who have mobility issues, frameless shower enclosure is perfect to maximize the space while frosted glass doors provide better privacy values. Depending on the design and project particulars, the installation cost varies.

Some main factors that impact the shower door installation costs are as follows.

Glass Thickness

Glass thickness plays a vital role in determining the installation costs. The more the thickness of the shower door, the greater the installation costs. Frameless doors are typically thicker, therefore, cost more than the other. A similar trend is followed for other types of shower doors as well.

Glass Type

Based on your preferences, you can choose clear, frosted, textured, tempered, laminated, hammered, rained, or decorative glass for the shower door. Safety glass is typically used in shower enclosures. Most companies deal with tempered or laminated glass shower doors. However, the frosting, tints, and design affect the installation cost.  As a general trend, installing textured or frosted glass doors costs more than transparent tempered glass shower doors.

Door Size    

Just like glass thickness, door size also impacts the overall installation cost. Larger the door, the harder the installation. The standard shower doors are generally 30 to 60 inches wide and 72 inches long. However, if your shower door is larger than 72 inches or wider than 60 inches, do expect to pay a little extra for installation.

Door Style

The door style makes a huge difference in the shower door installation costs. There are three main styles of shower doors.

  • Frameless shower doors give a sleek and elegant look to the bathroom. This style is preferred in ultra-modern bathroom interiors. There are no metal frames holding the glass panes in place; therefore, it is used to give a refined and uber-chic feel to the bathroom. Thicker glass sheets are used in frameless shower doors; therefore, installing frameless doors costs more than other styles of shower doors. Frameless shower doors installation cost somewhere $300 to $1000.
  • Framed shower doors are a sturdy option as they have full metal framing. The installation of framed shower doors is also easier than other styles of glass. You can also install it on your own with little or no professional assistance. The estimated installation cost of framed doors is $200 to $500.
  • A semi-frameless shower is a middle way for the homeowner who wants the sleek finish of frameless doors and the strength of framed doors. Its installation is done at $300 to $700.
  • Custom shower doors are another prevalent category in glass shower doors. Depending on the specifications, the installation of custom shower doors can cost $400 to $2000. 

Door Type

Shower doors come with different door operations. Some doors swing open while others slide on the metal tracks. The type of door also defines the installation costs.

  • Hinged doors swing open and close along with the fixed hinges. Swinging doors take more space for their operation. The installation cost of hinged doors is lesser than other door types.
  • Sliding doors are very popular among homeowners as they are kids-friendly and easy to operate. They slide open and close on the metal tracks and take smaller space to operate. The installation of sliding doors is a bit more than the swinging doors but it’s worth the investment.
  • Custom shower doors include your project-specific design. It can be a combo of shower and tub or single pane door and its installation depends on the intricacy of the project.

Bathroom Design

The bathroom structure and dimensions highly impact the installation costs. Navigating in a small bathroom is hard which makes the shower door installation even harder. Extra care has to be taken in order to install a glass shower door in a small bathroom which costs some extra bucks to the installation cost.

Project Specifications

Some projects are harder as compared to others. For instance, replacing a glass door panel is easier than installing the whole shower enclosure from scratch. Likewise, working on a shower-tub combo requires lesser grunt work as compared to the conventional shower enclosure project. Therefore, the installation charges depend on the individual project requirements.

Labor And Time

The labor and time invested in a single shower door installation depend on its complexity. For instance, installing frameless shower doors takes more time and labor than framed shower doors. Therefore, it costs more. The contractors tend to charge more money for projects that require more time and manpower.

Can We Save on Shower Door Installation Costs?

Shower door installation is an intricate job. In most cases, you need a professional team to install the glass shower door for you. You can also install the shower door on your own with some professional help. Doing it on your own helps you to save money on shower door installation but you need to be very careful with the glass doors. A small mistake can damage the glass door and you can lose more than what you aim at saving. It’s always better to leave the matter to the experts but if you or your friends have some experience in shower door installation, you can go for it. Make sure to follow proper guidelines and do it yourself!