How Temu Helps Small Business Thrive

Temu is a brand-new e-commerce site which made its debut in September this year. Just mere months after it launched, Temu has already won over customers and established a name for itself in the industry. This is because Temu is evolving into a fantastic alternative shopping option for the consumer, providing them with a range of goods at lower prices.

Temu is owned by Nasdaq-listed PDD [NASDAQ: PDD], and through PDD –Temu can collaborate with thousands of international merchants to curate premium products that they will sell on their platform.

There are currently 15 product categories available on Temu’s platform, ranging from fashion, office supplies, electronic devices, home appliances, pet accessories, and much more available. Some of the lists above show that Temu does have a different range of product categories that will definitely fulfill whatever customers are looking for.

Temu collaborates not only with international top-notch suppliers but also with a trusted small business who is just starting up and has a goal to reach a wider and most importantly international market.

Temu made it easier for small businesses to thrive and have an extended leg, to sell their products at a whole new market. Though a small business might be able to sell its products online on its own website, many other aspects made it harder for small-scale businesses to do it.

Issues such as legalities, shipment process, and market leverage are some of the things that can hinder the possibility of these small business merchants growing in the international market. But Temu’s emergence can make a difference and brings a new possibility for the small-business owner to thrive!

As A Useful Platform

Through its platform, Temu acts as an intermediary to link suppliers and clients. They posted the products on the platform for clients to view and buy after curating the products that deemed appropriate for their market.

Through Temu’s platform customers and the merchant can communicate directly. Allowing customers to know more about the products they want to purchase, and at the same time also help manufacturers to be able to understand this new market preferences. Temu can meet customer demand by collaborating with manufacturers, rather than worrying about how to develop their own products.

Taking Charge of The Shipment Process

Small-scale businesses do not have to be worried about how to send their product effectively to their customers. Because after the customers purchase the products through Temu’s platform, Temu will be the one who manages the shipping process. Suppliers will just need to arrange for the products to be sent to Temu’s warehouse for easy shipping logistics. Temu will ensure that its global partner can help to ship the customer’s purchase promptly. It won’t take long until the customer receives the products, approximately it will only take around 7 – 15 days.

Temu carefully selected the products that can be sold on its platform. Verifying that only manufacturers with a stellar reputation, no matter their size, are the only merchants that can market their products on Temu.