How the Rich and Famous Stay Secure In Their Homes

It is no secret that celebrities and other rich people have a lot of money. These people do not need to worry about home break-ins because they have large security forces around their every home. But even the less fortunate masses have to worry about home invasions, because there are many break-ins in gated communities. The celebrities are so rich that they have security companies that guard all of their houses 24 hours a day. Here are a few of the most famous mansions broken into and guarded by security companies.

One of the most famous celebrities to have an extensive home security force is Hollywood stars. Everyone knows the houses belonging to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Donald Trump, Paris Hilton, and more of the famous people in Hollywood. These houses are protected by a combination of local and federal security forces. Paris Hilton’s home is guarded by an off-duty police officer on duty at her house on the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. The police officers will respond quickly if there is ever an emergency at these celebrity homes.

Another famous home security celebrity is the singer, Tiffany. She has an extensive security detail at her home in Malibu. Paris Hilton’s house is also gated communities. A security company will be sent to the residence, if there is ever an emergency at any of the above celebrity gated communities. Members of the Malibu security company will be sent to the residence to look for clues of any attempted break-ins. These companies are often called in when the home security companies cannot find anything to investigate.

Members of the armed services are another group of people who live in gated communities. They also have security companies that patrol the neighborhood. These security companies even have uniforms and unique custom ID badges that make seem like they are personal security teams for celebrities.  It is quite common to see military personnel and their families at these types of homes.

There are other celebrities who live in gated communities as well. Probably the most famous is Tiger Woods, who lives in a home on Malibu Island. He uses his home as a golf course. Other members of the famous family include John D’Amato and Richard Nixon. Many of the rich celebrities who live in such communities are protected by local law enforcement.

Private jets are also used by some of the rich. jet owners usually fly from one country to another, carrying with them top secret documents. When they arrive at their destination, they will leave behind numerous packages which contain valuable and expensive items such as artwork. In one instance, jet owner Harvey P. Segal was sentenced to jail after he tried to hide a large locket that was worth a huge sum of money. Many of these packages include important paperwork, artwork, and pictures of important people. When a security company monitors these packages, they are able to identify the contents of the packages before they are opened.

There are other types of homes that are gated communities but do not have to do with homes like the ones previously mentioned. In fact, one type of home is actually a vacation home. Many of these homes are rented out to vacationers from out of town. A security company will typically send a security guard to check out the home each day and check on the occupants of the home.

How rich people actually get their homes is often a matter of luck. They may own properties that are simply too expensive to let alone let out on rent. They may also be involved in very lucrative investments. However, if you are looking for information on how rich people secure their homes, there are many sources available that can give you the answers you seek.