How to avoid scams when buying Instagram followers

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world, through it people share photos and videos of their daily lives, hobbies and products and certainly one of the greatest achievements on the network is a large number of followers, likes and comments.

Thus, a market was opened for Scammers, in a Portuguese translation the term would be fraudsters. Unfortunately, the number of fake and fraudulent profiles on Instagram are still numerous and the measures to suspend these profiles are not yet effective. Because, these profiles have a very well organized structure, in a way the profile is verified, they post several photos with captions, stories and among other things that give the victim a false sense of reality.

These profiles apply scams of all kinds, but mostly involve theft of bank details and money from the victim. For example, there are the profiles “catfish”, who pretends to be a single and attractive person in search of a relationship, their goal is to attract users, start fake relationships, gain trust and ask for transfers or some kind of financial aid, after that, disappear. There are also frauds related to free product offers in exchange for followers and disclosure, so the victim’s information is requested for delivery of the alleged product, when making the registration, it provides several information to the scammer, which can go from phone number and address even credit card details.

Anyway, there are countless ways that these criminals take advantage of the ingenuity of many victims, so it is important to always be attentive and informed, with this, through this article you will learn how to avoid fraud to comprar seguidores for your Instagram. If you don’t want to be a victim anymore, pay attention to the following tips:

1. Don’t believe in sales promotions for lightning followers you see on Instagram.

As tempting as it may be, it is unreliable to credit information or money to any Instagram account that announces a promotion. Often, it will even seem like a gift that is falling from the sky, but always be suspicious of everything, when it comes to buying followers, be even more suspicious. Ask, ask for evidence like testimonials from previous customers (which is not very reliable yet, because it can be forged), do not deposit money in any way or make your bank account or credit card details available to anyone through your Instagram profile.

Nothing guarantees you that this salesman of followers is not a scammer who will take your money and disappear soon after that.

This practice is very common and has even won the name “Click Farm”, in free translation it would be Click Farm, the scammer offers increased profile visibility with followers and likes, however in the end you receive nothing but loss.

for sites that are verified as safe by your browser and that have a reliable history with you or close friends. Always remembering never to authorize them to save your data, however comfortable it may seem, it is much safer to type everything again when necessary, even helping you memorize them, a good exercise for your memory.

So, if you want to buy followers, do not use social networks or messaging apps to pass data on the purchase, your data will be under someone else’s custody and subject to prints and sharing for those you don’t know.

3. Use applications for payments.

Technology is not synonymous with fraud, just as there are bad people on the internet, there are many people concerned with ensuring the security of the user on the network. Therefore, apps like Paypal and Pagseguro are excellent options when it comes to payments and bank transfers, because they offer reliability and protection to the data of those who use them. So, the tip is, whenever you want to make a purchase without running the risk of having your data stolen, use one of these tools, including to purchase visibility for your insta feed.

4. Observe the profile creation date.

Fake profiles often have a very real structure and give the impression that there is really someone reliable behind the screen. However, there is some small information that does not lie, such as dates. Yes, the key to unveiling and reasonably suspecting a profile is the dates, note the date the profile was created and the publications, if they are recent dates, stay tuned, it could be someone about to pounce and steal personal information or even photos from your Instagram to create new fakes.

5. Give that basic stalked.

Of course, stalking is not a healthy practice, but in this case it becomes something positive, as it is to value your safety. A good tip is to see the type of profile on insta that you liked and / or follow the account that is offering you followers for such a low price, scammers usually use followers buying apps with profiles, also, fakes, however these do not present as much cohesion as that of the scammer, they are people from distant countries, without photos or information that give credibility to their profile.

This is a great way to detect accounts that pose a risk to both Instagram itself and you when buying followers.

What to do if I identified a scammer profile on my Instagram?

If by chance, in the search for how to buy followers for your Instagram, you ended up bumping into one of these malicious profiles, report it!

The Instagram platform values ​​user safety at all times, so it has a Privacy and Security Center, which checks profiles that violate the terms and conditions of using the network. If, as mentioned above, you identify one of these criminal profiles, report it and ask your friends for help in doing the same, the greater the number of reports, the faster the scammer will be punished and your account will be deleted.

Finally, the popularity boom in your “Insta”, as popularly called by Internet users, can be done by buying followers, as long as you take the necessary precautions for your safety and not to perpetuate this practice on the social network. Use sites and apps specialized in this that have special plans and provide tools to buy real followers for your feed, sites like Midiagram and apps like Gerenciagram are reliable and are a great way for those who want to enter this digital world, offering users ways to build a feed on Instagram with the quality desired by your target audience.