How to choose the best electricity supplier?

There are still many consumers who are not satisfied with their current electricity rate because they believe that they pay a high price.

In addition, a large part of them is unaware that they can change electricity marketers and to get the pulse power review. So, these are some tips to find an electricity rate that suits your consumption habits.

Choose your electricity rate well:

When selecting a new electricity rate, either because you want to change the marketer or because you consider that your current rate does not adapt to your consumption habits, follow all the steps.

Use a rate comparator: with this tool, you can quickly and easily compare all electricity rates (thanks to the search filters). In addition, you will find all the necessary information on the electricity rates that best suit your needs.

Check prices: it is important that when choosing your energy rate you look at the price you are going to pay, both for the variable term and the fixed term. The first corresponds to the energy you consume and the second to the electrical power that you have contracted. That is, the final price that you are going to pay on your electricity bill will depend on these two factors.

Take a good look at all the terms and conditions: If there is something you do not understand, do not hesitate to get in touch! All marketers are required to have a free customer service phone number (in addition to other means of contact).

How to choose my electricity rate?

In the electricity market, there are multiple types of rates and not all of them are valid for the same. In this sense, it is essential to take into account all aspects of each electricity contract in order to choose the one that best suits your needs. These are some questions you should ask yourself before entering into your contract:

Is it green energy?

If you are looking for a light rate that is committed to the environment, many retailers already offer 100% green energy; with origin from renewable sources certified by the CNMC.

In addition, hiring this type of rate does not require any type of adaptation in the electrical system of your supply. Another green energy option that you can consider is to install photovoltaic panels in your home.

Does it have permanence?

There are electricity contracts that have permanence and cannot be canceled until after that period of time. Normally, it is not advisable to choose electricity rates with permanence, since its cancellation carries a significant penalty. Although sometimes it can be beneficial since it can be a cheaper price.

Do you have time discrimination?

Time discrimination can save your electricity bill since they have a time slot in which the price is cheaper. In this way, if you make most of your consumption in those hours, you can significantly reduce the final price of your bill.

Why go for a fixed price rate?

Having a fixed price for the kWh consumed provides peace of mind at the end of the month. If your consumption habits are usually the same, and the price is also the same, you will be able to know within a small variable margin how much you are going to pay on your electricity bill.