How To Create Fake Account On Any Website

For some time after their appearance on the market, fake accounts were mainly used to play tricks on friends and relatives. But in due course, people have found many new uses for them. Nowadays operating such a feature is commonplace even for ordinary internet users who do not really have much knowledge in this area. And the reason for this is precise because of their multitasking. If you are reading this article because for one purpose or another you want to create a fake profile, then you are on the right track.

Purpose of fake accounts

Not so far ago fake accounts were considered something out of the ordinary and normal. Moreover, they were perceived as a tool for deception. But this has nothing to do with the current state of affairs. Currently, fake accounts have many uses including those ones that are including harmless and legal. They include:

  • Playing tricks on friends and relatives;
  • Spreading various rumors;
  • Securely spying on people within social media networks;
  • Upgrading affiliate program;
  • Repeatedly receiving one-time discounts on various services.

Of course, this is only a small part of the options for using fake accounts. It would take more than an hour to list them all. In addition, each of those who plan to create such a profile has their own different reason. So let’s see what it takes to register a fake account on any site.

How to register fake profile on any website?

Signing up for a fake account is not really difficult as it probably sounds. You just need to follow a few steps when trying to do it. Though it is very important to follow each of them as missing even one may lead to your identity disclosure.

First of all, when registering a fake profile, it is necessary to enter not real name, surname, and age. This data may be completely random. You can use special websites that allow users to generate fake names and surnames or come up with something on your own. Except for mentioned data, it is also important to set up a fake account photo. It can be any picture from the internet. Also, like in the case with name and surname, you can use services for generating photos of people that do not exist. Both of these options work.

Now we get to the most important part. Creating a fake profile is not possible without using a burner email address or phone number. In the case of the mailbox, it is simple. Everyone can create a trash email address and use it for registration. But what to do when it comes to signing up for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and other services that have mandatory phone number verification? Purchasing a new SIM card just for this is not convenient not saying that it is quite expensive. There is a much better solution in form of disposable online phone number.

Where to get a disposable phone number for bypassing OTP?

Disposable numbers are a common solution among those who want to create fake accounts. They are unavailable for tracking, do not disclose the identity of their users, and cannot be used for registering in the same service more than once. Moreover, there is no problem with using such phone numbers from countries different from the country of your citizenship. For example, if you are living in Germany, it will be easy for you to get and use a disposable number from the US or anywhere else in the world. Is it anonymous enough? We think it is.

SMS-Man provides the easiest way to get such a number. This service requires nothing more than completing simple registration to use its solutions and is available for all countries. Getting a disposable phone number has never been that easy and here is how it works:

1. Sign up for and verify your new account.

2. Move on to the payment section and top up your balance in one of the available ways.

3. Open the main page of the platform and choose a country where you would like your disposable number to be issued.

4. Scroll the homepage a bit down and select the online service that you are going to sign up for.

5. Purchase a disposable phone number by clicking the corresponding button.

Your number will appear right in your profile on SMS-Man. Now you can use it to create a completely fake account on the chosen platform. It works the same way for every website or application. You can follow this guide every time it comes to registering a fake profile no matter the service.