How to Find the Best DJ for Your Wedding

Congratulations on your wedding! Your wedding day is something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time be it casually laid-back or formal and modern. 

You want to take special care to make sure your special day is magical and unique just like in your dreams. One way of doing so is considering your wedding entertainment. 

If you’ve been to a party or two before, you must know firsthand how important music is to an event. It can either make or break a party. This means the DJ you choose to play music during your event is a critical factor in planning your reception. 

There are many DJs in the market and choosing the right one for you might prove overwhelming. Fortunately for you, we’ve created a list of tips on how you can find the best DJ for your wedding. Let’s walk you through them. 

1. Get a DJ Who Focuses on Weddings 

The base tip that guides your selection process is going with a DJ who sheds primary focus on weddings. You’ll find DJs with vast experience in performing at weddings are well aware of the ins and outs of wedding receptions. They will even make the work of the emcee a lot easier. 

This isn’t to say that other DJs are not qualified enough to perform at weddings. After all, if you want to have excellent dance music, you can hire a DJ who works in the local club scene. But if you want the most ideal DJ, go with one who’s experienced with weddings.

2. Request for Samples of Their Work That You Can Listen to

Once you’ve made a shortlist of wedding DJs in Maine, request to see their portfolio, mix reel, or a video showcasing a live performance. Remember, you want a DJ who can appeal to you and your crowd so make sure the DJ you ultimately hire can cater to your taste of music.  

3. Consider Their Charges

Factoring in the cost of hiring a DJ for your wedding day is a critical part of planning. While some people spend the most on the venue, others focus more on the entertainment aspect of the event. 

As such, ensure you factor in the costs of hiring a DJ before you splurge your budget. 

If you go with a so-so DJ, even with the best food and wedding location, your reception will only classify as so-so. But if you go with a great DJ, it’s going to be hard for your wedding to be anything short of fantastic!

4. Do They Have Insurance?

Imagine having a successful wedding celebration only for your DJ to demand compensation because someone spilled a drink on their setup. 

The truth is that accidents can happen. You don’t want to pay for an entire wedding only to have to pay a DJ who holds you responsible for an unforeseen accident. For this reason, you need to make sure your ideal DJ has proper liability insurance that covers any accident that might occur during your wedding.   

Finding Wedding DJs in Maine

Most people try and save some money by hiring someone they know such as their friend or cousin to DJ at their party. More often than not, the quality of service they get pales in comparison to what a professional DJ would offer. 
Instead, let the experience and qualifications be the deciding factor. Wedding DJs in Maine are professional in what they do so make sure you book one well in advance for your big day.