How to Get the Best Gaming Laptop Deals

Are you a gamer who’s more of a PC user? You don’t have to get stuck building a massive desktop. A gaming laptop will work just fine for you.

But how do you settle for the best gaming laptops deals when the market is flooded with countless options? We understand that this can be daunting and that’s why we’ve compiled this article to help you out.

In this article, you’ll learn what you need to consider when selecting gaming laptop deals. Be rest assured that on reading this article, it’ll be effortless to grab the best gaming laptop deals available in the market today.

Features of a Good Gaming Laptop

To settle for the best gaming laptop deals, you must first understand what a good gaming laptop comes with. Here are the top factors to call to mind when buying a gaming laptop:

  • Graphics

When selecting a laptop for gaming, consider the ones with the fastest and latest possible graphics.

A dedicated graphics card is preferred for a gaming laptop as it comes with its own memory called VRAM.

  • Build

There’s a common misconception that gaming laptops have to be large and bulky. However, considering the current manufacturing technology, the best gaming laptop deals are compact, lightweight and portable, yet highly functional.

  • CPU or processor speed

The CPU is the heart of a gaming laptop. Go for gaming laptops with stellar CPU speeds for better performance.

The standard CPU clock speed for a gaming laptop is 2.4 GHz. However, the higher the processor speed the better the laptop is for gaming.

  • Wide screen

For an awe-inspiring experience gaming on a laptop, the screen should be at least 15’’ wide.

  • Resolution and display quality

In addition to a wide screen, a good gaming laptop should have good resolution and display quality, so that it can handle 3D gaming.

For the refresh rates, your options can range from 60HZ to 360HZ. The higher the refresh rate, the better the laptop will be for high-performance gaming.

  • RAM

The Random Access Memory (RAM) dictates the multi-functionality capability of your laptop. The RAM also runs the video graphics of the laptop.

For RAM, 16 GB is okay but a 32GB gaming laptop is better.

Cost Considerations

The price of laptops for gaming varies depending on the specs. It can be as low as less than $100 or as high as $400.

If you’re operating on a tight budget, they’re still cheap gaming laptop deals that you can go for. Even so, always ensure that you’re not compromising on the performance of the laptop for a low cost.

No one wants a gaming laptop that can’t handle basic gaming tasks, so focus on hitting a balance on cost and the laptop’s features.

All in all the best gaming laptop deals should match your budget seamlessly.

The brand

Popular gaming laptop brands offer the best gaming laptop deals, so it’s recommended that you narrow your options to them.

You’ll get gaming laptops with limitless specs options and at all price points if you deal with brands such as Razer, Acer, Dell, MSI and Alienware in Singapore.


Nowadays, technology has allowed the manufacturing of sleek gaming laptops with high-end specs, so your best laptop gaming deals must not be boring. Keep this in mind and also remember that the best laptop deals are a combination of optimization of the features that the laptop offers, reasonable pricing and reliability of the brand.

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