How to Get Used to Vaping as a Beginner

Vaping can be a little intimidating to the novice user. As a beginner, you may find that it takes a while to get used to your new vaping habit. There is some good news, however! Most people get used to vaping quickly and find themselves asking why they did not start vaping sooner. 

With so many vaping options to choose from, you can pick between different e cigarette makes, models, flavours, and nicotine levels. However, these numerous choices can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Below are some great tips to help you choose the best vape and how to use it correctly.

Choosing the best vape

You may want to shop around for the best vape, ensuring that you are comfortable with the size, colour, and feel of it. The best place to begin is a starter kit. This will ensure that you have everything that you need to start vaping right away. These devices can range a great deal in price, from the lower end being around $20 to a much higher end. 

Pod Vapes come pre-filled or with disposable cartridges. E-cigarettes are one sealed unit, so they are thrown away once you have used it up. These are popular starter options as they are often a little bit cheaper to begin with. Over the long haul, they become less cost effective. 

Read the instructions

No matter which style of vape you choose, they will all come with detailed instructions. Be sure to read the instructions carefully so that you get the most out of your device and do so safely. Vaping is very popular for a reason, although those who have tried it and didn’t like it may be doing something wrong. You may be missing out on the best possible experience from the vape!

Reading the instructions will also give you all of the information you need to care for your device. When treated well, a vape can last for years. 

Try a few different flavours

This is a deeply personal choice and there are many flavours to choose from. The flavours are definitely something to experiment with. It can be a real joy to try out a few different ones over time. 

The second variable that you need to think about is nicotine levels. This is another preference and probably something that you haven’t really considered before when smoking regular cigarettes. This is something that you will want to experiment with. It is often best to start small and build up to the level that you find most enjoyable. For some, higher levels can be a little too intense. 

Really, it’s all about being as comfortable as possible. Taking the time to try a few different flavours and nicotine levels can be very beneficial to your overall vaping experience. It can also be a lot of fun! 

Inhaling correctly

Your first vaping experience may be a little bit strange, but you will probably grow to love it once you get used to the correct way to vape. Just like regular cigarettes, inhaling incorrectly can cause a coughing fit and an unpleasant rush of nicotine.  

So, how do you vape correctly? There are two inhalation methods that you can use: the mouth to lung draw, and the direct lung draw. 

The mouth to lung draw is typically used with smaller vapes that have high resistance using a higher level of nicotine. This technique and sensation will be very similar to regular smoking. The suction needed is similar and there is the characteristic hit to the back of the throat that many enjoy or consider an essential part of the experience. 

Here are the steps to the mouth to lung draw:

1. Pull the vapor into your mouth

2. Open your mouth and at the same time inhale

3. Exhale

The direct lung method is better for larger vapes and lower nicotine levels. The effort needed is considerably less and considered smoother and easier. The steps are:

1. Draw the vapour directly into your lungs

2. Exhale right away

There is one more method for inhaling that you may want to try as well. It is similar to how you would smoke a cigar. By that, we mean you don’t inhale, but just keep the air in your mouth and puff it out immediately. This is better for high-power devices, and you will still be consuming nicotine. 

Practice makes perfect

Over time, you will become more and more used to vaping. You may even want to consider upgrading it or trying out different makes, models, and flavours. Experimenting with the wide range of vapes can be a really fun experience. Sometimes, once you find that special flavour and nicotine combination you love, there is no going back.

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