How To Handle A Car Accident

Accidents are not caused on purpose. They strike when you least expect it, and the situation is usually stressful. You can be the safest driver on the road and still be part of an accident scene. This is exactly why you should take note of the following suggestions if you are involved in a collision. Not only will the following steps protect you against unlawful claims, but they also put you in a position to claim compensation. 

1. Do Your Best To Remain Calm 

It is natural to feel distressed after being part of an accident. But for your best interest, try to stay calm and collected. Take a few deep breaths and assess your injuries. More importantly, let the ambulance take you to the hospital or directly go and see your doctor. Remember that adrenaline is meant to reduce the pain you feel. This means you can sustain an injury, but you only notice it hours or days afterward. 

2. Move The Cars If Possible 

Some accidents are minor in nature. But if they take place on a busy highway, it creates a dangerous situation. Only if it is possible, and without putting anyone in danger, move the cars to a safe spot on the side of the road and turn on the hazards. 

3. Call The Authorities 

Regardless of whether the accident is serious or not, always call the police. Even if the other party insists on “handling” the situation privately, make the call. Why? Because a police report serves as testimony for your insurance company, seeing as you need to prove you were not at fault if you want to claim. 

4. Keep All Medical Expenses On Record 

If it happens that you sustain injuries that require medical attention, keep all costs on record. This includes everything from your doctor bills to hospital stays and rehabilitation. 

5. Take Photos 

Taking photos of the accident scene is another crucial step, if possible. And make sure to get pictures of the damage to both cars. 

6. Make Notes  

Just like you should take photos, make notes of important information. For example, take down the license plate of the other car, the name of the driver, insurance information, and definitely contact details of eyewitnesses. 

7. Call Your Insurance Company 

As soon as the ordeal is over, contact your insurance company and provide them with the basic facts of what happened. 

8. Get A Lawyer 

In case you are forced to file a civil claim in order to get compensated (damage to your car, loss of income, medical expenses), it is recommended to get a lawyer to help. Contact Stephens Law Firm Accident Lawyers.

What To Avoid After The Accident 

Yes, there are certain things you should never do at the scene of an accident. These are: 

– Never Admit Responsibility:

Even if you believe you caused the accident or encouraged it in some way, do not admit this to anyone. You should also avoid apologizing because this can be considered the same as admitting guilt. 

– Do Not Sign Any Documents:

Always speak with your lawyer before signing any documents. 

– Do Not Participate In Recorded Conversations: 

If the insurance company insists on recording your conversation, speak to your lawyer first. 

– Never Leave The Accident Scene: 

Leaving the scene of an accident, especially when there are injured parties involved, is regarded as a hit-and-run. So stay put until the authorities arrive. 

– Only Talk With Your Attorney:

Always be discreet after an accident and keep it between your lawyer/insurer. This means you should not discuss it on social media or with anybody else for that matter.