How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Chapter 25: A Guide for Fans

Are you a fan of the Emperor’s Child, the popular fantasy novel series by S. K. Ashwood? If so, you may have read the latest installment, Chapter 25, and wondered how to hide it from curious eyes or spoilers. Perhaps you want to savor the suspense, surprises, and plot twists on your own, or surprise your book club or friends with your reactions. Whatever your reason, you can use several methods to hide the Emperor’s Child Chapter 25, both online and offline. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective ways to do so, without revealing any spoilers or breaking any rules.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Chapter 25 Online

If you have read the Emperor’s Child series online, you may have used a digital platform such as Amazon Kindle, Google Books, or Apple Books. To hide Chapter 25 from these platforms, you can use the following methods:

Archive or delete the chapter: Most online platforms allow you to remove a chapter from your library or device. Check the settings or options of your platform and see if you can archive or delete Chapter 25. Keep in mind that this may also remove your progress or notes for that chapter, so make sure to save them elsewhere.

Use a separate account or device: If you share your digital library with someone else, or use the same device for multiple purposes, you can create a separate account or device for Chapter 25. For example, you can use a different email address, password, or device for your Emperor’s Child Chapter 25 reading, and switch back to your regular account or device after finishing it.

Avoid spoilers and leaks: Sometimes, hiding a chapter online is not enough, especially if you follow social media or discussion forums related to the Emperor’s Child. To avoid spoilers and leaks, you can mute or block keywords, accounts, or groups that may reveal Chapter 25 content. You can also refrain from participating in such discussions until you finish reading the chapter.

How to Hide the Emperor’s Child Chapter 25 Offline

If you prefer reading books in print, or have a physical copy of Chapter 25, you can still hide it from others or yourself. Here are some tips:

Use a book cover or sleeve: You can buy or make a book cover or sleeve that hides the title or cover of Chapter 25. This way, you can read it in public or at home without attracting attention or spoiling the surprise. You can also decorate the cover or sleeve with your favorite characters or quotes from the Emperor’s Child.

Mark the page or section: If you have already read part of Chapter 25 and want to continue later, you can mark the page or section where you left off. You can use a bookmark, a sticky note, or a folded paper to indicate the spot, and hide the book in a safe place, such as a drawer or a shelf. This way, you can come back to Chapter 25 whenever you want, without revealing it to others.

Make a reading schedule or goal: Sometimes, hiding a chapter can be a daunting task, especially if you are eager to know what happens next. To make the process more manageable and rewarding, you can create a reading schedule or goal for Chapter 25. For example, you can read a certain number of pages or chapters per day or week, or set a deadline for finishing the chapter. This way, you can stay motivated and focused, and avoid spoiling the surprises.

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Q: Is it legal to hide a chapter of a book?

A: Yes, it is legal to hide a chapter of a book, as long as you have obtained the book legally and are not violating any copyright or distribution laws. However, if you have borrowed the book from a library or a friend, make sure to return it in its original condition and inform them if you have removed or hidden any part of it.

Q: Can I skip Chapter 25 and still understand the rest of the story?

A: It depends on the plot and characters of the Emperor’s Child series. Without revealing any spoilers, Chapter 25 may contain important events or revelations that impact the overall story or the development of certain characters. Therefore, skipping it may lead to confusion or incomplete understanding of the series. However, if you are only interested in the main plot or certain characters, you may still enjoy the series without reading Chapter 25.

Q: Can I share my hiding methods with others who haven’t read Chapter 25 yet?

A: Yes, you can share your methods with others who haven’t read Chapter 25 yet, as long as you don’t reveal any spoilers or violate any rules of your reading group or community. You can also ask for their hiding methods or preferences and exchange tips and ideas.


Hiding a chapter of a book can be a challenging but rewarding experience for fans of the Emperor’s Child series, especially if they want to avoid spoilers or surprises. Whether you read the series online or offline, you can use various methods to hide Chapter 25 from yourself or others, without compromising the integrity or enjoyment of the series. By following the tips and ideas in this article, you can enhance your reading experience, share your reactions with others, and preserve the magic of the Emperor’s Child.