How to prevent infection and stay healthy

Microscopic organisms such as pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses enter our body through various ways. They start to multiply and interfere with normal functions of our body. In the USA they are the main reason of illness and death. From small disease like flu to deadly diseases like HIV or cancer are all caused by these organisms. Some of these diseases like cancer have no proper treatment and some of these organisms have become drug resistant so preventing these germs is the best solution.

How to prevent these infections:

We need to prevent them from entering our body. Normally they can enter by mouth, nose, ears and genital passages. They can enter through our skin or by bites of insects or animals. Preventing them from entering our body is not so expensive and complex process. We can easily remove them by following these simple steps.

Eating safely food: 

Food can contain germs if it’s not prepared or stored in hygienic way. Street foods are the main source of contamination of various diseases. Even in homemade food can be contaminated with dangerous microorganisms if the kitchen or who prepares the food doesn’t clean his hands or maintain the cleanliness while making the food. We need to make sure each raw material of food are fresh and cooked and stored in hygienic way. Separate raw foods and cooked foods to prevent contamination. 

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Clean your hands:

Our hands may not look dirty but can contain thousands of microorganisms. Always before eating wash your hands with soap and clean water for at least 15 seconds. Many people love their pets after touching them you should wash your hands and face properly as they carry number of microorganisms. After bathroom, visiting at the hospital or ill person, touching trash or changing diaper wash your hands with soap or alcohol based sanitizer and rubbing properly your nails, palms and in between fingers well. 

Cover mouth and nose:

Most of the diseases are spread by coughs or sneezes. Many people don’t cover themselves when they sneeze or cough and these germs can go up to 3 feet distance or more. Outside air is contaminated with various microorganisms so you should cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or mask. For home you can use air filter that will remove microorganisms.   

Get vaccine:

Make sure that you get all vaccines that you need. For this, consult with a doctor. Normally people get vaccines for various diseases such as chicken pox, flu, mumps, hepatitis, tetanus, HPV etc. There are some special vaccines for you if you wish to travel to some parts of the world. If you’ve been in a medical situation and your health has been compromised by poor care, then JJS Justice can help fight for your rights
For more information and other informative articles on health care read on here.

Get disinfectants:

Proper use of disinfectants is crucial. It’s a chemical liquid which destroys bacteria. Some disinfectants can kill microorganisms quickly less than one minute and some takes more than 10 minutes. So make sure you know the proper use of them. Also try to ensure that disinfectant product is certified with the EPA. Palmero Health Care provides powerful and effective disinfectant products for hospitals, homes or any other place. Recently they have been featured on TALK BUSINESS 360 TV. They provide disinfectants for hospital which kills deadly germs like athlete’s foot, salmonella HIV, staph E. coli and others within one minute. Their general type disinfectant is mainly used for household items. 

Dealing with sick patients:

When you visit a sick person at a hospital or his home always wear a mask and gloves.  After coming home to take shower with soap. If you are sick then try to avoid contact with others and take treatment at home or hospital. 

Take precautions during travelling:

If the weather of the area you are going is the same of yours then there is a high chance that you will be sick. Always talk with physician before traveling for long distance he may suggest you some vaccines. Drink only bottle capped water. Avoid fruit juice as they may be made with impure water. Avoid uncooked vegetables and milk that is not pasteurized. 

Don’t share your personal items:

You should not share your personal items even with your family members. Make sure you use your own combs, razor, handkerchiefs, toothbrush, tissues and other personal items.

Sexual transmission infection prevention:

In order to prevent sexually transmitted disease (STD) make sure partner is HIV positive and has no other symptoms like genital sores or rash. Safe way is to have sex with your partners otherwise you must use condoms and take proper steps before doing sex with unknown persons. 

Avoid wild animals and insects:

Don’t get in touch with wild animals as they carry deadly pathogens and can bite you for their protection if they feel unsafe. Don’t let your pets to meet with outside animals as this can transfer pathogens to your pets.   

Thanks for reading our article. Always discuss with your doctor before taking any medicine. Share this blog to create awareness among other people and make a healthy society.