How to Put On Fake Eyelashes

From runway models to drag queens and everyone in between, an eye look can be the most noticeable and essential part of any makeup routine.  No matter who you are, if your eyes can draw someone else’s glance, the first impression you make will be stunning.  If your eyes are expressive and absolutely pop, you can feel as powerful as you look.  And now with magnetic eyelash extensions, more cost-effective high quality fake lashes, and even professionally applied salon lashes, you can actually achieve the look you need within your hectic lifestyle.  

Modern society revolves around being busy and being instantaneous.  Having a routine that supports the kind of deadlines you have to meet is a great step towards future-proofing your makeup look.  However, if you find yourself putting on mascara at the beginning of every day and getting tired of wiping it off at the end of every night, or you struggle to find a mascara that keeps up with your active lifestyle, doing your eye makeup can become truly tiresome.  So in your quest to become the best you that you can be, ditch the mascara and try fake eyelashes.

Why Fake Eyelashes?

While there are a lot of myths that claim that fake eyelashes are harmful to your health and damage your natural lashes, they are not true and usually stem from improper application, people getting lash glue in their eyes, or improper care and removal.  For example, while some claim that fake eyelashes can damage your natural lashes, that is not true; they actually benefit your natural lashes.  Unlike mascara which makes your lashes brittle and weak, false eyelashes can actually act as an alternative to reduce the impact of wear and tear on your natural lashes.  Protecting them allows them to grow thicker and healthier on their own.  Just be careful not to rub your eyes in a way that would cause the fake lashes to be pulled into your eye. Check best Flutter Habit.

Fake eyelashes are a great way to achieve a wear-proof makeup look.  Nobody wants to look disheveled and disorganized by three in the afternoon; fake eyelashes cannot get smudged like mascara, and do not start to run down your face if you get stressed, sweat, or cry during your day.  In addition, you can even go swimming or exercise with fake lashes.

How to Apply Fake Lashes

Once you have done your research and determined which kind of false lashes to buy and try out, you need to learn how to apply fake eyelashes.  Believe it or not, it is incredibly simple.  For magnetic lashes, it can be done in four simple steps.  

  1. First, apply the magnetic eyeliner.  Magnetic eyeliner makes it easy to apply your lash style quickly and without glue (which is a great reason to pick magnetic lashes!).  It only takes about two minutes to dry once you have it applied, but you can give it a touch test to make sure it is completely dry.  Make sure it is dry because it is important that the liner does not get onto the actual band of the magnetic lash.
  2. Apply mascara (optional step): if you want to wear mascara even on top of your magnetic lash look, you need to curl the lashes and apply it now.  It does make a difference applying it now; make sure you only apply it onto your natural lash and not your magnetic lash as that could ruin them permanently.  
  3. Lock in the lashes: once you have your lashes picked out and your magnetic eyeliner applied, grab the lash and place it gently onto the eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible.  If you are having difficulty doing this precisely, consider using a pair of tweezers to gently apply the lash, but try to get a pair that is not magnetic or your lash will stick to the tweezers instead of your lash line.  Make sure the magnetic lash is hugging your lash line as closely as possible to give yourself the most natural look.
  4. Finally, blink!  As soon as your lashes are applied, you can just blink your eyes together a few times to make sure everything is on properly, and your killer lash look is complete.

In Summary 

Magnetic lashes really are that easy!  No longer do you have to fumble with false lashes and adhesive or spend hundreds of dollars a month on something like professionally applied lash extensions.  Your makeup routine can be mess free and stress free, and you can avoid red, teary eyes and smudged makeup forever now.  And the best part is, instead of waiting for them to fall out like normal lash extensions, you can just take them off at the end of the night and use them again whenever you need them.  Your eye look can achieve its full potential and you can be completely ready to go out and conquer your world.