How To Recharge Jazz Card

Today we are going to discuss a very easy topic, Yes it is easy and the mostly asked question as well. A lot of people in Pakistan ask for “How to recharge Jazz Card?” therefor we will go with it now.


Have you recharged card now you want to check the balance and other details of your Sim? Then read the detailed guide about Jazz eCare.

Have you purchased the card from nearest jazz franchise or store? But unable to recharge it? Well we are here to tell you the code and the method to do it.

How to recharge Jazz Card By Code

These are the steps, if you will follow, you will be successful in recharging your Sim Card.

Step are:

  1. Purchase the card from store
  2. Scratch the secret code of the card
  3. In your phone, dial *123*ScratchCardNumber#
  4. Successful card recharge message

After these steps you card will be loaded in your mobile phone’s Jazz Sim.

About Jazz Packages:

This sim is also good in it’s 4G and they do claim now a days that they do provide the best 4G coverage over the Pakistan and with most 4G towers in the all 4 four provinces of Pakistan and in each capital of province.

The packages prices are also good not that much bad to be honest. The competitor of Jazz, such as Zong and Telenor. They have way more expensive packages. All of these companies do try their best in the ads because we everywhere see their ads!

The package which I use from them by monthly basis is SMS Package + 5000MB Whatsapp FREE. Yeah at the same time I enjoy two tastes of the Jazz.

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Jazz are the leading mobile care service provider, it has a lot of phone packages, internet packages and sms packages. They have some competitors as well in the Pakistani market formally known as Zong, Ufone, Telenor and jazz another sim Warid.

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