How to Repair Hair Damaged by a Straightener

Mostly all girls want shiny, long straight hair. Even those with naturally curly and wavy tresses like to try to have straight hair. Some would like to try even for a while; others want it to last for a long time.

We all know everything done excessively can damage oneself or one thing. This is also true with straightened hair. Yes, damaged hair is mostly the result of over-drying hair and not of the hair dryer itself.

Here are some tips on how to repair hair damaged by a flat iron hair straightener.

1) Cut the heat-damaged ends. Untrimmed ends of damaged hair can extend to the hair shaft. So, it’s better to cut the damaged hair while the damage is still short.

2) Lessen the hair straightening sessions. If you straighten your hair weekly, try to make it every other week. Use shampoos induced with hot oil and conditioner every day and comb your hair frequently. This can reduce frizzy and messy hair.

3) Lower the temperature of the hair straightener. Different hair types need different heat to be straightened. If you got wavy or moderately curly hair, ceramic- only flat irons are best for your hair type. Ionic flat irons are best for frizzy hair and dry hair, coarse hair, or plain curly hair.

They are also best for fine hair, but the temperature must be set to low. Fine hair is brittle than other types of hair. The tourmaline flat irons work on the hair types. This kind produces negative ions, and It requires less heat during straightening.

Remember, there is no best hair straightener for a careless user. And sometimes we cannot do something about it but wait for it to grow longer again. Then, we can straighten them to our heart’s content once the damaged hair has recuperated or been replaced.

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