How to Retain Great Employees

Many factors affect employees staying with a company for the long term or jumping ship as soon as they can look for another job. The job market is competitive, especially for millennials, who make up almost half of the working population and are eager to prove their worth in their first real jobs out of school. 

Working your way up from entry-level can be difficult in almost any company unless you’re willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get there. It’s essential to love your job and your company because switching jobs isn’t always easy or accessible. Here are five things that will make your employee want to find new employment elsewhere:

1. Pay

It’s not just the base pay that makes your employee want to find new employment. You also need to look beyond the numbers. Many factors play into what a person is willing to accept as a salary, including location, benefits, and more. 

If you’re paying less than market rates for your employees, you’re giving them little incentive to stay with you. Suppose you have great benefits but aren’t competitive with other companies in the same industry. In that case, it may be difficult for your employees to see a reason to stay with you when they can get similar benefits elsewhere at a lower cost or better benefits package.

2. Uncomfortable Workplace Temperatures  

Working in a cold office can be uncomfortable. Having to wear a jacket or sweater and having cold air blasting on you during the day can be a significant source of stress for many people. 

Then the opposite is true. If an office is too hot, it is hard to concentrate. You don’t want to be sweating while you are trying to do your job. It can be stifling. 

If there is no way for your employees to dress comfortably in their work clothes, they’ll try to find another job that will make them feel comfortable. A comfortable office can make employees more productive because they are not distracted by the heat or cold. 

Not providing your employees with the proper temperature to work in can lead to health concerns, including muscle aches and discomfort. If your employees are uncomfortable, they will not want to stick around.

If your building is uncomfortable to work in, it is definitely time to call commercial HVAC repair in Atlanta, for example. The professionals can come out and get your temperature at a comfortable level. 

3. Company Culture

Your company culture may be essential in helping your employees stay with you. If your company has a strong culture welcoming to all employees, your employees will be more willing to stay with you and get to know their co-workers. A welcoming culture can help create a sense of unity among the team and encourage employee collaboration.

4. Incompetent Managers

Employees stay with a company if they feel their manager is competent enough to do the job. A manager who doesn’t know how to manage the team effectively can chase out some of the best employees. 

It can also be difficult for someone to take on new responsibilities if they don’t feel that their manager has the experience or expertise. If you have an incompetent manager, it will be hard for your employees to trust them with new tasks and follow their general directions. They may not want to spend time away from their families or friends because they are working at the wrong place where they might get yelled at or criticized by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

5. Lack of Advancement Opportunities

If you have no opportunities for advancement within your company, it could prevent your employee from sticking around and continuing her career there long term. For instance, if your company has little room for growth but offers excellent benefits, you may want to keep an eye on this situation because if there isn’t much opportunity for advancement in your company, it could make it difficult for employees to stick around when other companies.

People don’t stay with a company if they feel their managers or co-workers aren’t respecting them. Not providing your employees with the proper equipment to work in can lead to health concerns, including muscle aches and discomfort. If your employees are uncomfortable, they will not want to stick around. Competent managers encourage employees to stick around. If you have poor management practices, it will be hard for your employees to follow through on their duties. Advancement opportunities could also prevent an employee from leaving a company for long periods.

There is no stopping the right employees at the right company. When we can come to an understanding of what employees want and need, employees are going to help grow your company and make it the place they want to stay.