How To Select A Good VPN For Our PC

It is increasingly common for Internet companies and governments to track all our activity when we connect to the Internet in order to study us, know our tastes for advertising purposes, and keep us under control.

Privacy, as networks and operating systems are designed, is practically nil, so if we want to connect to the Internet with greater privacy, it is necessary to resort to certain services such as VPNs.

A VPN is a type of connection through which, instead of going directly to the Internet, we establish a direct and encrypted connection with a server so that no one can intercept and analyze this traffic and when it reaches the server.

It changes everything related to our identity (such as the IP) theirs so that in the eyes of the Internet it is practically impossible to find out our identity.

On the web, we can find a large number of VPN for Windows, each with a series of characteristics so that each user can choose the one that best suits their needs.

How to Choose a Good VPN for Windows

When choosing a VPN server we must think about what we want to be the most important thing for us. There are many servers where the speed of the service prevails over anything else, others that seek to offer users a series of benefits at a lower price than the others, and others where security is the most important thing.

What Should a VPN Have to Guarantee Our Privacy?

If what we care about is privacy, then we must look for a server that is secure, is configured to be leak-proof and that, in addition, and does not keep any type of record on user activity so that no one, not even by order judicial, certain traffic can be associated to a user.

A good VPN that offers us high-grade security and privacy must use well-known and extended protocols, such as OpenVPN and others, in addition, use asymmetric RSA and symmetric AES-256 encryption algorithms to guarantee integrity and privacy of connections.

Looking to Evade Censorship? This Is How the VPN You Choose Should Be

However, such radical security may not interest us and what we want is something that allows us to hide our location or make a server think that we are connecting from a certain country, for example, to be able to hire a cheaper service for the currency exchange or skipping certain censorship.

To evade censorship and hide our location, what we must look for is a free VPN server that has the largest number of physical servers in different countries.

In this way, if we want to do the trick to save with Netflix paying in Turkish lira, then we need a server that comes out with Turkish IP.

What a Fast VPN Should Look Like

If what we are looking for is a fast connection that allows us, for example, to watch Netflix or other video platforms from other countries, or download files from P2P networks with total privacy, then we must look for a good paid VPN that has these characteristics.

Thus, if what we want is for our VPN to go fast, then we must look for an alternative that has physical servers in as many countries as possible so that we can choose the closest exit server.

In addition, we must make sure that it does not have any speed limitation (most paid VPNs do not) and, if one server is overloaded, then we must connect to another that is freer. For more information, please visit: rotating residential proxies