How to Stand Out on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest retailers globally, and whether you’re selling to or on Amazon, standing out is vital to your success. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Many businesses, especially startups and small e-commerce stores, have struggled to rank high on Amazon.

Unfortunately, some of these businesses opt to avoid Amazon altogether and use other marketing strategies to reach their target audiences. Since most consumers turn to Amazon for products and services when shopping online, avoiding Amazon isn’t a good strategy for small businesses.

You may be losing out on potential customers as Amazon provides stores with access to the world’s largest database of clients.

Luckily, there are things you can do to get noticed and distinguish your brand from its competitors on Amazon. Here are five ways you can stand out on Amazon.

1. Optimize your product listings

One of the biggest mistakes that sellers make on Amazon is optimizing their products and services for Google instead of Amazon. This adversely affects your ranking on Amazon as consumers search Amazon more than they do Google.

Hence, it’s vital to focus your efforts on ranking for relevant searches on Amazon by using keywords your target audience is likely to use when looking for products. However, avoid stuffing your keywords in a bid to rank high as you will get penalized for it.

Other things you can do to optimize your product listings include:

• Incorporate relevant phrases on your page to increase inbound hits

• Include relevant and high-quality images, but be sure not to mislead your customers with catchy headlines as you can easily lose their trust.

• Offer a wide selection of your products.

2. Get the pricing right

Amazon is a highly competitive market that’s saturated with numerous e-commerce stores selling similar products. Therefore, it’s easy for consumers to compare and contrast the prices of similar products when shopping.

If you set your price higher than that of your competitors without offering something unique in exchange, it’s easy to get lost in the mix. Always set your price based on what other sellers are charging for similar products.

Remember, you don’t have to short-sell your products to stand out as customers aren’t always looking for the cheapest item. They want quality products they can rely on. If you have to charge more, ensure you have a justification for it by emphasizing the value of your items.

3. Provide stellar customer service

When it comes to standing out in a highly competitive market, providing exceptional customer service is your best choice. Consumers always remember how a brand makes them feel as opposed to what they say. For instance, you may not have a unique product in the market, but if you provide top-notch customer service, you’ll earn your consumer’s trust and loyalty.

Each time a customer shops with you, ensure their experience with your brand is delightful, pleasant, and memorable. You can achieve this by responding to problems, shipping orders quickly, and helping customers find what they need.

Such customers can refer you to their friends, colleagues, and family, and come back for more in the future.

4. Offer loyalty discounts and exceptional deals

One way to retain your customers on Amazon is by offering exceptional deals, including gift cards, free shipping, and promotional offers. This not only increases your customer reach but also helps you stand out from your competitors.

However, ensure your deals are competitive and offer consumers great bargains without adversely affecting your profits.

5. Write a detailed product description

No one wants to buy a product on Amazon that doesn’t highlight features, benefits, or value. Hence, all your products should contain a detailed product description that tells the buy what they benefit from purchasing your items.

But, ensure all the information you write is factual and doesn’t contain any misleading information.

With these tips, you can easily stand out in the crowded Amazon marketplace and rank high on Amazon searches.