How To Use Airphysio?

Lung obstruction is the third major cause of death in the world. Unfortunately, most people treat this issue with the common treatments while there’s a natural way to prevent it. AirPhysio, the best OPEP device, is the most effective drug-free way to clean mucus naturally and unblocking airways.

However, getting the most out of it requires proper use, and one needs to know How To Use Airphysio correctly. If you have an Airphysio or are planning to get one you are in the right place. Although using Airphysio dont need serious technical knowledge.


You just need to place the device into your mouth and take a deep adnominal breath. And then inhale through the device. Here is more to know about Airphysio uses. Let’s discuss the matter to get the highest benefit from this best OPEP device.

How Does the AirPhysio Work?

Before discussing the point, let’s see what parts and accessories Airphysio have. Knowing about them helps you to understand how actually this Mucus Removal Device work.

Airphysio is a simple operating medical device that works with some accessories by following general physics law. It comprises with a circular cone, steel ball, resistant protective cover, base, and a cap. According to the age and tolerance of the patient, the size of the Airphysio steel ball may be different.

The way Airphysio works is called Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP). It just creates a positive pressure in the lungs, opens the airways, and helps to loosen the blockage. This function combines and works with the oscillation of air inside your lungs.

Oscillation causes the airways and traps particles to shake. They help to remove any blockages and push coughs out of the body. Most customers reviewed that the device works instantly. After taking a few breaths in and out through Airphysio, they feel clearer lungs and breathing.

How To Use Airphysio?

As Airphysio is a simple device, you don’t need deep study before using it. However, we recommend studying the User’s Guide for accurate instructions and product descriptions. In the below, we discuss How to Use Airphysio in simple language. Because some individuals found Airphysio hard to use.

Here is the step you need to do to gain better breathing:

Step 1: Disinfect the device before use.

Step 2: Take a deep abdominal breath and hold for 2-3 seconds.

Step 3: Put the device into your mouth, exhale through Airphysio for 3-5 seconds until you empty your lungs.

Step 4: When your lung is at the optimal capacity, lift the ball bearing to the cone and have it vibrating.


Step 5: Adjust the device and tilt it until it feels maximum oscillating within your chest.

Step 6: After exhaling throughout the Airphysio, you might experience mucus accumulating close to your top lungs. If so, instate a cough to expel the mucus.

Step 7: Repeat the above steps 1 to 6 approximately two times per minute up to 5 minutes. Take two deep abdominal breaths to reduce the possibility of feeling lightheaded.

When to Use Airphysio

Airphysio is a proven device for clearing the airways for patients who have a problem with respiratory conditions. The official website of Airphysio recommends using this device as a preventive and treatment for Asthma, Atelectasis, Bronchiectasis, Cystic fibrosis, and COPD.

Many individuals often use Airphysio because they feel shortness of breathing that is linked to lung bad lung conditions. Besides, other groups of people use this device to improve their lung capacity as they get older. 

This OPEP device is not only effective for medical conditions but also beneficial for colds and flu. Which cleans the lung from foreign particles such as smoke and pollution in a good manner. Lastly, when it is particularly suitable for senior people with bad lung conditions. But it also did a tremendous help for young adults and children. 

To get the best out of it, it’s recommended to use Airphysion once or two times per day. But when shortness of breathing or symptoms shows, use it for up to 10 min by following the above method. After symptoms cease, use Airphysio once a week as it improves breathing conditions. 

How to Clean AirPhysio?

Cleaning your device is also a part of use. You should clean Airphysio after each use to eradicate moisture or mucus. To do that, disassemble the unit first, that can be done by two windows. 

Open the child safety lock on the right side with a pointy rock. Lift the device and twist the cap anti-clockwise to isolate the transparent cap from the unit. Wah all the components with clean water and with mild soap or detergent. Then, rinse all the components and dry them with a clean towel. 

For better disinfection, clean all the components with 60-90% alcohol concentration, generally ethyl or isopropyl. Don’t reassemble or store all components until completely dry. It is recommended that one should clean and disinfect the Airpysio device once a day. 

Caution When Using Airphysio

The inhale procedure through this device makes you lightheaded, and it’s common. Because a huge amount of carbon dioxide is exhaled from your body. When feeling lightheaded, take a short break and practice normal breathing. Otherwise, due to overexerting, there is a chance to lose your consciousness. 

There are also some contraindications for using Airpohysio. If you have the following medical condition consult with your doctor before using this device. 

  • Untreated pneumothorax
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hemoptysis (coughing up blood) 
  • Esophageal surgery
  • Right-sided heart failure
  • Middle ear pathology


An international award-winning OPEP device, Airphysio uses all-natural ingredients without chemicals, toxins, or steroids. This portable, handy and affordable device aids natural cleansing mechanism for better breathing. 

As this high-quality medical-grade device does not need any prescription for use, it assures that it’s effective and safe. Besides, the technique of its simple use makes it more popular in medical science.