How to Use Emojis On Instagram Android

Emoticons are an exciting way to express your feelings. They are not only convenient but also help to save your time. Originally, smileys were invented in 1990, but their prevalent use started in 2010 when many social media platforms began utilizing them. LightningLikes reports that Emojis are an exciting way to express one’s behavior, less boring than plain text.

Apart from providing great leisure, emojis also transform your texts into fun. Indeed, when you can’t say something through words, you can depict your inner feelings by using a small icon.

Like many other social media platforms, Instagram also started utilizing emojis to create an ambiance of humor for the audience. Fluidbuzz reports that adding Emojis on Instagrams plateform made a huge impact on user experience.

Instagram was launched in 2010, and at that time, it had quite a few features such as locations, hashtags, and regular posting. However, with time, Instagram has renovated many things, and it is now offering a plethora of different features for its users.

In addition to introducing many other features, Instagram also offers stylish emojis for consumers. Furthermore, on Instagram, emojis are searchable and increase your engagement by 47%.

Today, you will get to know all the helpful strategies of using emojis to up your Instagram game.

The Utility of Emoji on Instagram 

Instagram supports emojis in the following sections:

  • Bio
  • Captions
  • Comments

It offers various styles and outlooks of the same smiley. All the android keyboards have the built-in functionality of adding multiple emoticons.  However, if you want to insert customized emoticons to your posts, then you can visit different sites that offer thousands of smileys. 

Adding Emoticons on Instagram by using your Android Phone

It does not matter which keyboard you are using on your android device; you will have the functionality of adding the emoticons to the Instagram post. Your posts would become prominent, and you will see that the engagement rate on your posts has been extended.

Follow the below steps to add emoticons on Instagram by using the android phone:

  • Go to your Instagram app and log in to your account
  • Select the section where you want to add the emojis. If you’re going to add the emoticons in your bio, then you need to go to the bio section. Consequently, for adding the emoticons on your pictures and videos, you need to select them.
  • From the captions area, tap on the Globe icon to from your android keyboard
  • Now, you will have a wide range of different emojis to choose. Select the emojis you want to add and post them.

Add Emojis on someone else’s Photos or Videos

The above method is useful if you want to add the emoticons on your own content. But what if you want to leave a comment on someone else’s content using en emoji?

Follow the steps below to use the emojis on someone else’s content on Instagram:

  • Go to the Instagram app and Log in to your account.
  • Go to the Poston which you want to comment. It may be a picture or a video.
  • You will see a Speech Bubble icon below the photo or video of the post. Tap on it.
  • When you tap the speech bubble icon, the keyboard of your mobile would be opened. Here, select the Emoji Keyboard Icon. (If you are unable to see the emoji keyboard icon, tap and hold the Return button. You will see the emoji option pop up)
  • Now, you will have a list of many emojis. Select the emoji you want to post and click on the Tick button at the right side of your android keyboard. Your emojis would be published.

Advantages of using emojis on Instagram

Using emojis in your posts would never be a futile exercise. You will have dramatic impacts on the engagement of your posts. Here are some benefits that are associated with the usage of emojis.

  1. A visual bio

The first thing that people see when they visit your Instagram profile is your bio. Hence, embellishing your bio with stunning emoticons will strike your audience hard. They will be compelled to revisit your profile.

  1. Emojis Capture the Attention

Posts with emojis have higher rates of engagement as compared to the posts having no emojis. Utilizing popular emojis such as camera roll, heart emoji, okay emoji, and heart eyes emoji will skyrocket the popularity of your posts.

  1. Comments get the Priority

If you have used emojis while commenting on a picture of a well-known celebrity, then your comment will get higher preference. Always try to adorn your comments with emojis to make them prominent.

  1. Emojis Help in Customer Service

Apart from furthering the trust of the audience, emojis are super conducive in showing empathy and creating personalized communication. Furthermore, the negative responses would be reduced, and you will be able to connect with millennials comprehensively.

Ready to Say it with an Emoji!

Relevant emojis will spark the audience, and your posts will start resonating with their feelings. Be careful not to spoil your content with too much emojis. You will unquestionably gain genuine connections with stable engagement rates. For getting other essential tips to promote yourself on Instagram, you can visit HashtagsForLikes.