How to Use ProTaper Rotary Instruments?

The outset of using nickel-titanium (NiTi) Rotary Instruments to endodontics was almost two decades ago. It has changed the strategy of how root canals preparations perform nowadays. This good revolution has taken the dental job by storm since its launch in the market. These instruments enable more complicated root canal systems to be shaped with fewer procedural errors. Thus, using NiTi root files is best for a faster and easier root canal system.

The idea of using nickel-titanium alloy in endo rotary files was developed by keeping in view its benefits in making orthodontic instruments. Initially, this alloy designed for military purposes, but it soon became apparent in other industries due to various facts. The findings of these facts lead to the development of the NiTi dental burs and orthodontic wires. K-type dental Endo files were made of NiTi and tested considerably at that time. As a result of these experiments, the first NiTi Rotary Instruments appeared on the market in 1993. From that point, these are still some of the most popular and ideal choices of dentists for dental procedures. Their unbeatable success in various endodontic treatments has opened the discussion about how they are manipulated. Now let this sink for a minute to understand the applications for which you can use endo dental files. 

Rotary Instruments’ prime use is to shape teeth and remove/reduce the tooth matter during the endodontic procedure. The NiTi files follow the original root canal path, especially the curved ones. Due to its high flexibility, the forces between the file and the canal wall reduce to the minimum. The bur is a handpiece for cutting while the finishing and polishing instruments shape the teeth. For health care professionals, it is a blessing as the total time consumed in the procedures is reduced because of high speed. The engine-driven Rotary Instruments lessen the expenditure of manual energy and justify their purchase for dentists. Either you are a novice practitioner or an experienced one, these instruments are imperative for adding precision to your work. However, there are some problems to consider when using rotary files.

  • Always access the preparation as poor assessment can promote procedural errors. Principally, in root canal preparation, adequate access is significant for the use of rotaries. 
  • Do not force the files if the resistance encounters. Stop immediately and before continuing, use small stainless steel hand files to increase coronal taper. 
  • If a patient possesses complicated anatomy, detect and analyze with hand files before the introduction of rotaries.
  • “Only once” is the safest number when using those Rotary Instruments for ensuring safety. However, the actual stress accumulation in the file depends upon the case. Therefore, you can use it more than once. In such cases, you need to replace them during the shaping of a complex canal. 
  • For novice dentists, practice is mandatory to avoid the breakage of the rotaries. As NiTi has an elastic nature, proper guidance and education from the experts help you practice these instruments efficiently.
  • Although these instruments add precision to the dental process, don’t start and stop abruptly. Sudden changes in the direction of the Rotary instruments avoid unnecessary outcomes during the treatment.

Keeping these facts in mind, you should always choose a company wisely to make a purchase. These instruments play a crucial role in dental procedures and drive your career as a high-rank professional practitioner. 

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