How useful are disposable gloves against COVID-19?

When it comes to protecting yourself against COVID-19, many safety recommendations have remained controversial. Perhaps the most controversial of them all is the benefit of gloves. Here we discuss how useful gloves are and whether or not you should be wearing them. 

Washing Your Hands First

Health professionals recommend washing your hands with hot water and soap rather than wearing gloves because contaminants that land on your hands are just as likely to land on your gloves. You might be fooled into thinking that by wearing gloves, you are protecting yourself from contaminants, but if these contaminants end up on your gloves, then you are still vulnerable. For example, you might accidentally touch your face thinking that your hands are clean because you’re wearing gloves. In reality, whatever was on your gloves has now been transferred onto your face. For these reasons, health experts recommend ditching the gloves and practicing effective handwashing regularly throughout the day. 

Disposable Gloves: Decay Is likely

Unfortunately, disposable gloves do not have the durability to hold up for very long. With gloves susceptible to being punctured, your hands are not getting very much protection. Your safest bet is to stick to consistent hand washing and keeping your hands away from your face. Wiping down surfaces with antibacterial wipes is another way to stay safe. Many grocery stores have taken up this practice so that you can feel safe while shopping.

Removing Gloves Is Problematic

Even if you manage to avoid contact with your face, removing gloves is still an issue. You will come in contact with contaminants just by removing the gloves. If you choose to wear gloves, be sure to wash your hands immediately after taking off the gloves and disposing of them properly. 

Some Instances Make Sense

If you are caring for someone who is sick, there may be times that you need to handle bodily fluids. Using gloves of suitable materials may be necessary in these cases. Be sure to act fast with whatever fluids you are moving and disposing of while wearing the gloves. Be sure to dispose of the gloves properly and wash your hands immediately after you dispose of them.

Home Cleaning Gloves

When it comes to cleaning your home’s surfaces, experts recommend using rubber gloves as they can be washed and sanitized and are less likely to be punctured. You can wear them for longer as you clean so that you can focus on sanitizing surfaces rather than focusing on your safety. Even if you choose to wear rubber gloves, you’ll still need to wash your hands with hot water and soap once you have finished cleaning to remove any debris and bacteria you may have picked up from cleaning.
All in all, it appears that most gloves are not very effective against COVID-19. Stick to regular handwashing and avoid touching your face as much as possible. Follow proper safety guidelines, including wearing face coverings and practicing social distancing to staying safe.