How You Can Adequately and Correctly Care for Your Skin after Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of tweezing, shaving, or waxing unwanted hair on your skin? Most of us are, and if you answered a resounding yes, then laser hair removal is often a viable option. After all, a lot of people do it on a regular basis, right? But if it’s your first time undergoing the procedure, you may not be aware of the proper skin care routine you should follow after laser hair removal. Taking good care of your skin after the procedure ensures that you won’t suffer from any unwanted consequences or side effects due to the laser hair removal process, and it will also ensure that your skin will look and feel better as well. 

Here, then, is how you can properly care for your skin after laser hair removal. 

1. Numb the treated area with ice

It’s completely normal to experience a little bit of discomfort right after the procedure, but you can easily treat this with a cold compress or pack of ice. The area where hair has been removed may also be a bit red or swollen, and ice can be very soothing. 

Make sure, though, to wrap the cold pack or ice in a soft towel before you apply it to the area of skin that is affected as applying it directly to the skin may cause even more irritation or pain. Apply the cold compress or ice pack to the affected area for about 10 minutes. You can repeat the entire process up to three times per day if required.

2. The magic of aloe vera 

If you suffer from swollen and red skin, you can reduce the discomfort and pain by applying aloe vera to the affected area. You can purchase aloe vera in most pharmacies or even large supermarkets. You can do the procedure two to three times per day as well.

3. Avoid going out in the sun

You should avoid exposing the affected skin to the sun, as the sun can cause uncomfortable irritation. The skin where the hair was removed is normally quite sensitive after laser hair removal treatment, so if you must go out, make sure to cover the affected skin area well. If you received the treatment on your face, make sure to wear a hat of some sort to protect your face from the sun’s rays. It’s best to avoid the sun for at least two weeks after the procedure. 

This period of time will allow your skin to fully recover and avoid any unnecessary further agitation or suffering. If you go outside, apply 30 SPF sunblock for added protection. You should also avoid tanning beds or other skin treatments until your skin has had time to heal completely. 

A word of caution

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for people to suffer some form of skin damage caused by laser hair removal procedures which are done incorrectly. In such cases, you do have every right to file a claim against the practitioner who conducted the procedure, and you can seek help from a beauty claims expert. 

You should consult a legal expert regarding the process of claiming compensation for damage sustained as a result of a beauty treatment that’s gone wrong. You need to be sure that you can prove that the injuries you suffered were directly or indirectly caused by the salon or practitioner responsible for the treatment.