How You Can Cope with Epilepsy

If you have had a seizure without a defined cause, the chances are that you will have another seizure within the next six months. This is according to Dr. Amor Mehta, MD, a Neurologist in Marlboro Township. This means that you require expert care, including diagnostic testing, to manage your condition. However, there is much you can do to help manage the condition effectively, and first of all, you have to put in the efforts to seek the necessary care from the experts. Here is more of what you can do to cope up with epilepsy.

Embrace Your Disorder

If you are diagnosed with epilepsy, please understand that it is now part of your life and the best thing to do is accept. This is because if you learn to embrace the changes in your life, you will be better positioned to cope with the condition more effectively. Understand that although it can be overwhelming to learn you have epilepsy, it is not the end of your life. You can still lead a fully active and rewarding life.

Consider encouraging yourself daily through positive affirmations that can help you cope up effectively. It would help if you told yourself that you are strong and you can handle this. Besides, you have to stop worrying about having a seizure. If you take all the steps to help you control the seizures, you can control how often you have them by avoiding constant worrying.

Educate Yourself and Loved Ones

If you learn that you have the disorder, the old phrase knowledge is power can be crucial here. Educating yourself and your family about seizures from reliable sources can help everyone understand what is going on and what you are going through. This paves the way for more effective support from your family and friends.

Maintain an Independent Lifestyle

It is good to ensure that you are not emotionally bothered by how your condition affects the people around you. It would be best to try to be as independent as possible to ensure that you don’t feel burdensome to your loved ones. This means that if you can work, please do so, take public transportation if you can’t drive, and you can also focus on social activities with others to stay engaged with others.

Ignore Social Stigmas

When interacting with different people, be sure that even though people socialize with you, you can still face some social stigmas associated with epilepsy. These stigmas mainly exist due to a lack of information among many people about such conditions. Although it might not be easy to ignore the social stigma, your doctor can offer counseling to help you ignore them. This helps you to move on and enjoy your life.

You can practice self-acceptance and self-love, believing that what other people think or say about you is none of your business. You can re-channel your negative energy to other things like doing what you love or taking a deep breath and reiterating your manta.

Join a Support group for Epileptics

This is a great way to seek unconditional support from people who can fully understand what you are going through. You can only be able to manage various aspects of epilepsy through a support group. Having people who share the same condition around you can boost your confidence and help you accept your condition.

Above all, you need expert care from a seizure specialist who can walk with you through all of this. At Neurology Center for Epilepsy and Seizures, you can get all the help you need to cope with the disorder.

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