How Your Business Can Optimize Advertising Costs?

Investing in advertising is a good way to increase business profits. You set up ads in contextual advertising services, choose targeting in social networks. The ideal outcome is that you get a lot of leads and sales from advertising. But this isn’t always the case. Approximately half of the advertising budget is wasted. How to understand which advertising channels are guaranteed to bring customers? What kind of advertising is worth spending your budget on? Learn how to save money on inefficient traffic channels and what to do to make ad spend optimization.

Free content marketing is hard but possible

For companies that are used to receiving applications thanks to paid traffic and are now afraid that “There will be no sales at all!”. We say with confidence: there are cool content marketing tools that are free and effective. Content marketing can be conditionally divided into several processes: 

  • Strategy;
  • Content creation (text and visual-graphic);
  • Promotion;
  • Analytics.

If everything is more clear with the creation of a strategy, content, and analytics, then with an alternative to advertising, the situation is a little more complicated. But it isn’t difficult to abandon paid promotion methods when it is clear what to replace them with.


First of all, it is important to determine which channels your target audience uses. For example, SEO works great as a starting point for promoting a business. Search engine optimization is suitable when an audience of potential customers already exists, or you need to get some of the traffic from competitors. The advantage of SEO is that this tool slowly but surely provides a flow of users.

Collaboration with bloggers instead of targeting

Collaboration with a blogger can be carried out by barter, significantly saving on advertising. At the same time, cooperation with microbloggers is increasingly showing greater efficiency due to the quality of the audience and its trust in the account. Even large brands work with accounts up to 50 thousand subscribers.

Alternative venues

In addition to the usual social networks, there are other sources of traffic. If you work in the B2B segment, case studies and blogging can be a great solution.

Saving money = budget optimization

How to cut content marketing costs? Conduct an audit, analyze all your activities and identify strategies with the highest return on investment (ROI). This is what we need to work with now, during the crisis. What are the effective tools, in addition to the site and pages on social networks:

  • Cases. The perfect way to show your expertise. They are a great help when you need to demonstrate the value of your services or products.
  • Selling blog posts. A blog can be used to attract customers through content that is useful to your target audience. Let’s say you sell handmade cakes. Your blog may consist of culinary life hacks, master classes, photos and videos of the production process. Don’t forget to include a CTA to encourage readers to place an order.
  • Lead magnet. Such one-page applications with an application form are especially effective when you need to divide the target audience and make an individual offer for each category. You can create them for free using templates or order at a low cost from a specialist.


In some cases, it makes sense to pay special attention to the direction of content marketing. For example, when you are just starting to develop it, or at some stage you realize that the content can bring a significant flow of customers, but you doubt whether you can organize everything effectively.

Then entrusting tasks to a content agency with experience is the best solution. This will avoid unnecessary costs and errors, the cost of which may be too high for the business. In addition, you do not have to immerse yourself in processes, follow trends and study the features of the sites.