Ideas to Stay Sharp and Have Fun

There are so many ways to have fun and stay sharp. Keeping our minds active to stave off boredom and maintain brain health is vital to maintain quality of life as we age. Exercising your mind helps to prevent or delay dementia, memory loss, and in some studies, Alzheimer’s. 

When exercising the brain, the focus should be on memory, reasoning, or logic, and the speed at which we process information. Well, the good news is that these brain exercises can be a lot of fun. 

Here are some fun activities to nurture a healthy brain.

Trivia and Board Games

Chess is a timeless board game that stimulates the brain and forces each player to engage with strategic moves to checkmate the opponent’s king. Add a timer and it heightens the competitiveness and exercises the mind to think quickly. 

Maybe you love board games but playing in a group is more appealing than one-on-one. Trivia board games like Boom Again check off all of the boxes for healthy brain exercises, especially for seniors. For one, the trivia cards ask questions that harken back to the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, so the mind has to reach back into old memories of music, news, and entertainment.

There might be some right and wrong answers but bringing up old memories among friends is sure to make everyone laugh. There is something to the old trope that “laughter is the best medicine.”


Brain training apps like Lumosity is another option where they offer cognitive and scientific games to strengthen memory by helping individuals focus on paying attention and testing their memory to solve problems and puzzles. It’s not as interactive or social as having a game night with friends, but it is especially appealing for those who love solitaire games.

Video Games

There is nothing in the rule book of life that says you have to stop playing video games once you reach a certain age. In fact, gaming systems like Wii Fit and Xbox offer a plethora of fitness video games like Dance Dance and Zumba. If getting up and moving is not your idea of fun, consider strategic games and role-playing games (RPG), which stimulates brain activity and works on eye/hand coordination.

Start a New Hobby

Hobbies are great to entice the creative mind and develop new skills. Depending on what it is, your hobby can open up new opportunities for social interaction. Some people love bird watching, while others want to build rockets, or fly drones. Taking adult education classes like photography or pottery teach skills that can be useful in real-world applications. 

People tend to be much happier when they are busy, engaged, or laughing. Everything listed above is great for all ages and helps us stay sharp even as we age. Make new friends. Challenge each other with trivia or games of strategy. Have quiet time with your favorite gaming apps. Impress the grandchildren with your amazing talent on the game system. Start a hobby that challenges your mind and keeps your hands busy. 

All of these things are pathways to health and happiness.