Indoor Basketball Court Flooring Stages

Basketball is the most followed sport in the world after football. Tournaments of different concepts are held regularly around the world. Therefore, there is a need for professional and quality basketball courts. Basketball court construction is a job that requires a lot of attention. The basketball court floor is very important. The court flooring should be created within the framework of high quality standards. In that way, one should seek help from companies that are experts in their field and get cost and detailed information from companies like Sports Flooring System for the construction of indoor basketball court flooring.

Basketball Court Construction

  Turnkey basketball courts are generally built in 5 stages. As Aspa Yapı, we offer these services separately or on a turnkey basis.  

  • Infrastructure, concrete or asphalting works.
  • Installation of wire fence and iron pole parts.
  • Assembling the basketball hoops.
  • Performing site lighting and electrical work.
  • Covering the field floor and drawing the field lines.

  But there are also 3 main steps which are very vital for basketball court construction:  


  After the area where the field will be built is properly recommended by the employer, the perimeter of the field is turned with a 50×30 cm perimeter line so that 20 cm remains in the soil. Before pouring the concrete of the perimeter beam, 50 cm and 100 diameter pipes are properly placed inside the mold with 3 m intervals. On this compacted ground, an average of 10 cm of mechanical stabilization mixed with 50% stone dust is made.  


  A total of 8-9 cm coating pavement is applied on the filled, compacted and sloped area as required, which it is referred as a two-stage first stage, approximately 4 or 5 cm fine gravel top coat finishing coat. The point to be considered here is to ensure that the asphalt has a smooth surface. Because the fluctuations that may occur on the ground of the place are reflected on the coating above.  

Floor Coating

  It is a multi-purpose coating system with a thickness of 15 MM, used for tennis courts, multi-purpose fields, children’s playgrounds and all kinds of sports games and training fields. This system is resistant to abrasion and minimizes the possibility of injury in situations such as hitting the floor. The floor of is generally covered with polyurethane coating or parquet flooring. Basketball courts with parquet flooring are mostly preferred indoors. It is a very durable and high quality floor type. One of the most preferred reasons for this type of field is that the basketball ball bounce rate is quite good. In addition, it must be noted that all kind of indoor basketball court flooring should be FIBA approved.  

Basketball Court Flooring Cost

  Basketball flooring processes may vary according to the situation of the place. While acrylic flooring can be used for outdoor basketball floors, polyurethane or parquet flooring is used for indoor basketball floors. Of course, there is a difference between the two materials in terms of basketball flooring prices. However, the materials must be durable and suitable for sports so that the players can do their sports comfortably and play their games. No basketball player wants to play on a concrete floor. For this, no expense should be spared in open areas. At the same time, the floor can be used for a longer period of time without any problems with basketball floor covering processes. Thus, one should take into account the savings they will make in the future when calculating the prices of basketball flooring. The cost of the indoor basketball court flooring, like other sports products, varies by project. Features such as the type of floor covering, the width of area, the quality of flooring change the cost. For more accurate information, it is necessary to get price information from a reliable company selected.