Injured in Toledo car wreck: Is it worth hiring an attorney?

Victims of car crashes and accidents in Toledo often have to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Medical bills, lost income, and other losses can cause financial distress, which may mean dealing with new loans. If you suffered injuries in such a wreck in Toledo, you are probably wondering whether you should seek legal help, especially at a time when your finances are all over the place. Top law firms like Groth & Associates will gladly evaluate your auto accident claim for free, and you can expect uncompromised support from an experienced attorney. Here are some solid reasons to hire a lawyer for your case.

Filing an auto insurance claim

Ohio is a fault state, which means you will typically file the auto insurance claim with the other party’s insurance company. In some cases, one may benefit from filing a first-party claim with their insurer. Each case is unique, and there is paperwork involved. If you have no clue how to file a claim or whether you should consider a third-party claim, engaging an attorney is a good idea.

Negotiating the settlement

Don’t expect the insurance company to have empathy for your situation. The claims adjuster may make an offer and expect you to sign a release for your rights, following which you may not be able to sue the other party. The first offer is never enough for most cases, and it is wise to have a lawyer who can negotiate the settlement, which may require them to be aggressive.

Filing a lawsuit

If you wish to file a lawsuit against the party responsible for the car accident, you must adhere to Ohio’s statute of limitations. Your lawyer can ensure that there is enough time to consider a lawsuit, even if you are starting with an insurance claim. The attorney can ensure all deadlines are complied with, which will give you time to focus on other aspects.

Gathering evidence

You need evidence to prove the other driver’s fault, and investigating a car accident to gather evidence can be a complicated job. You need a lawyer who can use their resources to find relevant information. The attorney may talk to experts, professional accident reconstruction services, and witnesses for details to nail your claim.

While you don’t need to hire an attorney for your car accident claim as per legal requirements in Ohio, it could be the best step to protect your rights and save your time and effort.