Intellectual Natives dominate the World

What and who are the Digital Natives?

Modern society has been impregnated with the different tools that the virtual world has brought with it in one way or another to help us in different areas of daily life.

Indeed, our society has been greatly influenced by the digital era; causing all those people born in it to be called digital natives.

The digital natives besides being conceived in this era; they also have an adaptation to the intellectual platform that is given almost innate way from early ages.

“Digital natives are those generations that were born between 1995 and 2015”.

In this order of ideas; Digital natives are able to surf the web very easily, they often use reason. Likewise; They make use of digital audio and video players, take digital photos that they edit and send and also make multimedia presentations, websites, among others.

They are surprising individuals because of the multitasking that they usually execute, remain connected, wait for answers and create their own content. Their speed and decision making are aspects that determine them, so they seek immediate results in their actions.

Practically, when talking about digital natives; We are talking about people who have grown up with the network and the technological progress that it has brought.

What are the characteristics with which we can recognize digital natives?

  • Usually these people want to receive information in an agile and immediate way.
  • They are usually attracted to multitasking as well as parallel processes.
  • They prefer to make or contemplate the graphics than the texts themselves.
  • Oddly, they perform better when they work within the network and not outside it.
  • They have an adaptation and / or awareness that they are progressing, which brings them automatic satisfaction and reward.
  • They prefer to enter the world of playful work than in conventional work.

Digital Natives and Education

In this generation, students who are digital natives are accustomed or used to using the advances that technology has brought with them in each of the activities they constantly develop.

Not surprisingly, the education system has also been seen and is currently being impregnated by these processes. These individuals carry the application of technological content in the different practices that merit their process of intellectual formation from an early age.

Interestingly, although there are teachers who find it harder to make use of technology; On multiple occasions they also contribute to teaching using technology as tools for study and learning using various pedagogical activities to capture their interest.

The digital native expects an immediate response and if he does not have it, he produces it himself.

In this sense, using these virtual platforms to support young people has made them agile individuals on an intellectual level; on the other hand, the simple fact that those who are part of this generation are those who do not get answers produce it themselves are entrepreneurs.