Is there any difference in the cost of hair transplant for women?

No one wants flat, limp hair, so we get why you’re a little envious when you run into that woman with the impossibly thick and bountiful hair. Well, that can be anyone!

The hereditary hair loss is the most common reason among men and women, who are losing hair. Genetic hair loss is an inherited sensitivity to the effects of hormones on hair follicles that sit down deep in the skin. This type of hair loss is known as androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness. However, women are genetically less prone to hair loss and baldness. Talking and discussing with a hair loss specialist will make you able to understand whether or not you are losing your hair due to genetics.

In the case of men, the hairline starts receding and afterward, the men start losing their hair from the front and crown sections. But the patterned hair loss in women occurs in a completely different way. Women do not suffer from the receding hairline; instead, they gradually lose their hair all over their scalp.

Here is the permanent solution to female pattern hair loss!

In a hair transplant, the surgeon implants tiny groups of hair, known as grafts, into the hair loss affected areas of the scalp. These grafts contain anywhere between 1 to 5 hair follicles. If the hair transplant surgeon is qualified and experienced, then he will make sure that the transplanted hair mimics the angle and direction of surrounding strands.

With a hair transplant procedure, you will have natural hair growth that will be long-lasting. Thus, we can say that hair transplant surgery is a good choice for people who have a high degree of baldness on their scalp and thus, require a large number of grafting.

The Hair Transplant Cost for Women

Some people, especially women, give so much importance to their hair but genetically they have no luck. Still, they have hair transplant options to regain their lost hair and confidence back. However, there are very few women who opt for hair transplant in Chandigarh

The hair transplant cost for men and women is almost similar. There are very few clinics that charge differently while offering hair transplant procedures for males and females. The individuals have agreed that they have gained wonderful experience after their hair transplant procedure. Talking about their physical appearance, they look more attractive and confident.

Which hair transplant method is best suited for women?

Talking about the techniques of hair transplant for women; there are two commonly used methods – FUE and FUT. However, FUT is the more suitable technique in case of women and there are two reasons behind it:

  • First of all, the FUE technique requires the shaving of the donor area and most of the women’s hair transplant candidates do not want that. Thus, they prefer the FUT technique, in which a small strip of hair is removed from the back of the scalp.
  • Secondly, if we consider the scarring caused by the FUT method, then the solution is very simple. Women’s hair strands are long enough to easily hide that linear scar on the donor area.