John Adams Morgan Biography, Olympic Medals, Net Worth

On September 17, 1930 John Adams Morgan was born in Oyster Bay located in New York. Henry Sturgis Morgan who confounded Morgan Stanley the investment bank was his father. While his mother named as Catherine Frances Lovering Adams was the daughter of U.S. Navy Secretary in time of President Herbert Hoover and his name was Charles Francis Adams III. John brought up with his four brothers who are Peter, Charles, Henry Jr., and Miles. In 1949, Morgan completed his graduation from Groton School located in Massachusetts. Then, he moved to Yale University to complete bachelors in Arts degree in year 1953.

Olympic career

In 1952, he participated in Summer Olympics at Helsinki and won gold medal for 6 meter class having the boat Llanoria (the international Olympic games).

Business career

In 1956 – 1966, he was a business partner of Dominick & Dominick. However, he employed at Smith Barney in corporate Finance department at senior vice president post and also for acquisition activities and firm’s merger at vise chairman post of Smith Barney, while served as director of Smith Barney International Inc. and member of executive committee from 1966 – 1982.

John Adam Morgan who was the grandson of J. P. Morgan established and inaugurated as brokerage and retail firm in 1982 and famous with name of Morgan Lewis Githens&Ahn, Inc. In 1985, when he connected to Olin Corporation he arranged leveraged buyout that related to chemical industry at Stamford Connecticut which is present in business of Olin’s Ecusta Cigarette paper.For $450 million in cash and securities, the firm helped Alleco Inc. acquire Service America Corp. in 1987.

Morgan’s brokerage dealer license had been bought in 2001 by the newly settled MLGA Holdings. However, Morgan and Fred Joseph (1937 – 2009 while in 1980’s, he was the chief executive in charge / officer and former president of Drexel Burnham Lambert investment bank) cofounded new branch. In 2002, it got fame over name of Morgan Joseph LLC that established to produce a high end and productive business for medium sized companies or firms while also get benefit as investment bankers who lost jobs or businesses because of sudden increase in technology in 2002.

However, after new branch / firm establishment, Morgan worked as board director chairman in Morgan Lewis.

Morgan Joseph LLC firm collaborated with Tri-Artisan Partners LLC for the formation of or to get tag of Morgan Joseph TriArtisan Group Inc. Moreover, in 2011 Apollo Global Management give investment to Morgan Joseph TriArtisan and to get more client reach and increases deals for doing business of buyout or hedge funds registered as brokerage firm.

Board of Trustees:

Morgan employed as director at Upham & Co., Inc. in 1969. In addition, from 1989 – 1998, Johan Adams Morgan served as director at TriMas Corporation until when it gone under Metaldyne Corporation. Due to his best performance John Adams Morgan employed as director of Metaldyne (1984) to its recapitalization process that occurred at November 2000. In 2001, he appointed as trustee for Provident Loan Society in New York and as director at Furnishings International Inc. John Adams Morgan also worked as director at Morgan Library and Museum.

Personal Life

John’s first wife was Elizabeth Robbins Choate in 1953 and he married 5 times in his life. John and Elizabeth divorced each other after the birth of their son, John Jr., in 1957. Tania and Morgan got married in 1992. Before splitting, Chauncey was their son. John and Anne Chute married in 1992 and Sonja Tremont took the place of Anne in 1998, after starring in “Real Housewives of New York”.

Tremont worked as a hostess in San Pietro’s NYC Italian restaurant in the late ’90s. Here she met Morgan. In Aspen, they went out for dinner. The same night, Sonja was proposed to by John and they both married after a few months. Quincy was their daughter before they divorced each other in 2006..

As John relates, he paid Sonja $3 million for their divorce settlement after Sonja filed for bankruptcy years after their divorce. John and Sonja were spending their money on the movie “Fast Flash to Bang Time” at the time of their divorce. This movie was a collaboration with Hannibal Pictures. Due to their divorce, the production of this movie was stopped and Hannibal Pictures won the lawsuit against Sonja and won $7 million (as the production house was working through Sonja’s company). For the fifth time, Morgan married Connie in 2010.

Net Worth of John Adams Morgan?

With a net worth of $100 million, John is an American businessman and Olympic sailing champion. As a descendant of J.P. Morgan and John Adams, John received this money after their deaths. In 1952’s Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Morgan won the 6-meter class and received the gold medal for this. Morgan Joseph LLC was co-founded by John in 1952.

Real Estate John Adams Morgan has own private and personal Island named as Caritas Island located nearby Stamford Connecticut. At 3.5 acres of property almost 26 rooms formed on 14,000 sq. foot. In 2011, he tried to sell it out in market at $18.9 million and then price get minimized to $15.4 million. Moreover, John and Sonja bought a townhouse having 4500 sq. foot at price of $9.1 million. Then, in 2013 Sonja wanted to sold that house at price of $9.95 million. While in same time span that former couple’s home of 8362 sq. foot located in Rocky Mountains sold on Market at $9.15 million.

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