Top 10 Kickass Torrents Alternatives

Kickass torrents was a famous Torrenting website which provides a large directory of magnetic links for torrent files and P2P file sharing via the BitTorrent protocol. Millions of torrent users used it daily; however the government of US shut down the website in 2016 and arrested the site’s owner, Artem Vaulin. Many attempts were made to bring the website again via mirror links; however their proxy servers were also blocked by its staff.

What Are Kickass Torrents?

The Kickass was a famous Torrenting website which provides a large directory of magnetic links for torrent files and P2P file sharing via the BitTorrent protocol. It is famous because of free movies and software. What most people don’t know is that it’s a great way to play video games. On its final day, Kickass became known as the greatest way of digital content through the P2P protocol. However, there were major security troubles that led to malware and cyber attacks on users. The government of US took over the website on copyright issues in 2016 and ultimately went offline.

It was a big blow to P2P sharing, in particular for those who like to download digital content for free. However as we have told, there are now kickass torrent proxy websites that work just like the original website. These proxy websites were created by former KAT employees and fans, so they are guaranteed to work fine. Through these sites, you can download music, movies, and computer software and so many games at free of cost.

When And How Did The Kickasstorrents Start?

The Internet train became a non-stop file sharing in 2008. Nearly a decade has passed since Napster broke the music industry by popularizing the P2P format, permitting users around the world to share MP3s freely, documents, videos, and many more files. To say that this was a dream of litigation would be a small dream.

With the success of Napster, thousands of copycat networks inclusive of LimeWire and eMule have popped up hoping to score a pie. Their reputation was essentially guaranteed – suddenly consumers all over the world were able to access their favorite movies, TV shows and music for free.

The BitTorrent protocol was another important aspect, which brought in 2001. This is because of what is called decentralized sharing. Something sites such as KickassTorrents would not have worked without. Instead of downloading files from a single host, torrent files send small requests to couple of customers all around the world, which reduces the load on individual servers.

In 2008, KickassTorrents hit the market, and it had surpassed Pirate Bay as the most famous torrent directory on the Internet till the November 2014. However, these years were not without their problems.

In 2013, Authorities in the United Kingdom and Belgium ordered KAT to be blocked, while the Motion Picture Association of America forced Google to remove the site from search results. Malaysia and Ireland then blocked the site from the National ISP in 2014, Portugal’s match in 2015. The death toll, however, fell in 2016. On July 20 of that year, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that it had seized the KickassTorrents domain – now hosted by Kate CR in Croatia – and arrested the alleged owner of KAT.

What Happened To The Kickass Torrents?

The main site of KickassTorrents was shut down a few years ago. It was the result of a law enforcement operation led by the two US organizations, the Homeland Security Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service.

In other words, you can’t access the original website of KickassTorrents. You will just get alarming warnings from the FBI. But, there is a copycat site that seems precisely the same as  KickassTorrents and even has the same name.

Therefore, must you use new KickassTorrents (KAT) website for your torrenting desires? We’ve our doubts. Although many people advise this site in their list of the best websites, we recommend in opposition to the use of it. That’s why there is something in this website which makes downloading much easier and straightforward.

In the case you want to get the tracker from the new version of KickassTorrents, you will have to install extensions for your browser. Considering its name, this extension is somewhat similar of PDF converter. We did not install this, as we do not trust this extension that could lead to serious security and privacy issues.

But, this does not mean that you can be afraid of anything. We would like to suggest you to be very careful about torrenting – in some cases downloading torrents can be illegal, and it can also lead to a few security threats. Before doing anything on a torrenting website, ensure that what you are doing is legal or illegal in your country.

In the case you want to download a torrent, the usage of useful reliable and quality websites is useful. These kicks are torrents alternatives that people commonly use.

How To Download Games From Kickass Torrents?

A few people think that downloading games from Kickass or any torrent websites is terrible and requires technical information. Well, it is true that downloading a game from Kickass will take some work. However when you get used to it, everything will be as easy as clicks.

Is The Kickass Torrents Safe?

Security is a main problem when torrenting. By itself, torrent files are secure; however downloading them from the BitTorrent network can be a daunting task, especially when you use an unsecured Internet connection. A few torrent websites are fully affected with computer viruses.

They are usually hidden in ads, click baits, and torrent files them. A few users are also falling prey to denial of service (DOS) in which perpetrators are blocking users from accessing the service or website on a specific server. It’s impossible to download the game for free that you want, without Kickass being able to access the torrent website or it is a proxy.

To 10 Kickass Torrents Alternatives

The Kickass Torrents is part of a reasonable effort to limit the amount of copyright infringement. But, those who want a torrent have found many alternatives. Let’s talk about the most famous Kickass Torrents alternatives.

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a world famous torrent website. Over the years, it has controlled a lot of shutdowns and blocks. However to avoid possible shutdowns, the domain changes very frequently and sometimes goes completely offline. Luckily, you can still always access online technology, or find Pirate Bay Proxy.

Pirate Bay provides you a wide collection of torrents, presently over 1,000,000 in various forms. The interface is easy to navigate, so you should have no trouble to find what you are looking for. Thanks to Pirate Bay’s notoriety, it has been blocked by several ISPs; however a strong VPN will help you control those restrictions.

2. Torrentdownloads

TorrentDownloads is another famous torrent website and can be taken into consideration as a best alternative to Kickass. It gives a huge collection of torrent files and magnets on various categories that you can download.

3. Limetorrents

LimeTorrents is a famous name in the torrent community and it is amazing with its green interface, and serves as a good alternative to Kickass.

It has controlled to make it the top website of torrents in 2020 and in also in previous years. There is also a huge torrent catalog in the Limetorrents that is updated almost every hour. You can find torrents in special categories or in the list of Top torrents and latest torrents.

4. Rarbg

RARBG is another competitor in the world of torrenting sites. The website has been based since 2008 and receives 40 million visits a month. Although the RARBG interface is a bit more compact than Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents – and the website is definitely worse.

Visiting RARBG means watching top torrents in various categories as well as the latest news about popular digital products. However, RARBG is very bad when it comes to the use of ads. This is enough reason for people to generally stick to The Pirate Bay for their general torrenting needs.

5. 1337x

It’s hard to run a torrent website for a whole decade and still don’t see it down. The 1337X has only managed to do so while a few other big names around it are circling. Although it has always been very famous, it has generally emerged as a second-choice option after the likes of Pirate Bay and KicksTorrents.

But, KickassTorrents is shut down, and Pirate Bay is having a lot of trouble, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people turn to 1337x again. With over 67,000,000 per month visits, it is currently the most dynamic P2P community.

At net performance, 1337x has the potential to make any large website successful in monetizing. The ‘Top 100’ lists they regularly list in each category is a round. As long as 1337x is available on the Internet, it will be seen as a powerful alternative to all of Torrent’s slain Titans.

6. Internet Archive

Internet archive is a great place for free, legally available content on the web. The website stores 10,000,000 of various types of media, includes games, movies and music. You will even find a wide array of digital books, archive websites, photos and various digital sundries.

Users can search for torrents by using the Archives torrents section of the website. Because the website uses the BitTorrent network, you can access the very large archive library using any torrent purchaser. recommends Transmission, µTorrent, and Vuze.

 7. Zooqle

Zooqle is an emerging torrent tracker and a terrific kickass torrent alternative. Although the website has about 2,000 million added torrents per day, there are more than 3.5 million certified torrents per day. Zooqle has so far received little attention in the mainstream. That’s why it was able to use a .com domain name. Although even in case that changes in the future, Zooqle already has several alternative domains ready.

To get the best experience of Zooqle, you have to create an account on Zooqle which permits you to configure subscriptions and RSS feeds. That way, as an instance, you’ll be alerted as soon as a new episode of your favorite TV show becomes available.

8. Isohunt

IsoHunt is a high-torrents site that has a large network of torrent users. It provides a huge collection of torrents for download and allows users to upload multiple categories of torrents. The IsoHunt Directory consists of almost all famous categories through which you can browse files and download files instantly.


EZTV is not a beautiful website at all. Their metrics are not much more competitive than other websites, either: it has 20,000,000 visits every month and it also has download speed of 2-3 MB / s. Even so, owning one is still out of reach of the middle class person.

EZ TV is a great alternative to KickassTorrents, as they have a huge collection of TV shows on the net, with millions of trackers. The EZ TV network is also amazingly dynamic, with new releases being uploaded quickly. That’s why a lot of users determine to use the site despite its ups and downs.

10. Vuze

In case you use your torrent to download or share your files, you will be acquainted with Vuze. But, it also provides a separate service in which you can legally receive items (good if your country has banned the torch path).

You will find many videos on offer under the title of Vuze Studio HD Network, its categories consists of gaming, technology, comedy, music videos, sports, science, motoring, and news, nature, movies and TV shows.


KickassTorrents is no longer with us; however there is no shortage of the best alternatives to KickassTorrents that provide the same or greater collection of torrent. In this article, I have mentioned the top 10 best alternatives to KickassTorrents in 2021. I hope you will enjoy one of these KickassTorrents alternatives.