Kross Ermias Asghedom: Nipsey Hussle’s Talented Son

Kross Ermias Asghedom is a seven-year-old talented boy and is the son of the late Rapper Nipsey Hussle. His father was one of the renowned American rappers, entrepreneurs, and activists. Nipsey Hussle started his journey by debuting his performance which made him believe in his talent and continue his career in Music.

The Nipsey Hussle started dating Lauren London, rumours started spreading in 2008. While they were not married yet, they had a baby, ON 31st August 2016, named Kross Ermias Asghedom. They kept taking care of the baby and commitment was the utmost for leading the relationship. 

The life of the Nispey Hussle was the inspiration for many around the world. He did not just become a fan of Music but his business career was also a motivation for most of his fans. Moreover, the death of Nipsey was the biggest tragedy and was unacceptable by his fans and family.

Furthermore, the life of Kross Ermias Ashghedom was difficult after his father, who was given to his mom to take care of and further look after. Lauren London’s role is also appreciable for overcoming such tragedy and moving on. Moreover, this article is all about Kross Ermias Ashghedom and his life, so keep reading to learn about him.

About Kross Ermias Asghedom

Kross Ermias Asghedom is the son of late American rapper Nipsey Hussle. He was born on 31st August 2016 in the city of America, Los Angeles. His mother’s name is Lauren London, who is also a prominent personality in the Industry. His parents were not yet married when he came into the world.

The life of Kross Ermias Asghedom started with the look after his parents. However, he was just two when his father was allegedly murdered by his close friend. This was just unbelievable and very hurtful for his family, fans, and friends. It was also a big loss for the music industry.

Lauren London is the mother of Kross Ermias Asghedom who took his responsibilities for look after. The news of Nipsey Hussle’s death was shocking and difficult to accept for Lauren London. She was having a very difficult time after the death of Nipsey Hussle but she kept trying and at the time she moved on Completely. 

Kross Ermias Asghedom Net Worth

Kross Ermias Asghedom is the son of a famous American singer who was a Millionaire in his life. His mother was also a well-known celebrity, named Lauren London. They both had a pretty good net worth. When Nipsey Hussle was dead, he left so much for his son, daughter, and family.

However, after his demise, his daughter was given custody of his family rather than his mother, due to some health issues. Kross Ermias Asghedom was given custody of his mother after the court decision. He was also given $ 1 million to look after and further expenses.

Furthermore, if the network of Kross Ermias Ashgedom can be estimated, it will be also added that he was given from his father’s wealth. So, approximately he has a $ 1 million Network at the age of just 7(according to January 2024). 

The Death Cause of Nipsey Hussle

The Death of Nipsey Hussle was and still is a big tragedy in the eyes of his fans, family, and the music industry. Nipsey Hussle was a popular American singer, entrepreneur, activist, and social person. He was a well-known singer which made him popular all around the world and also created wealth for him.

In 2019 he was going to start a business, a clothing store. He went over there and suddenly the gunshots were fired on him. At least 10 shots were fired toward him and sadly he got bullets in the whole body including the chest. On March 31, 2019, this tragedy happened and was painful for the entire community.

Additionally, when he was shot, two more people were injured at the same time. Nipsey was headed for treatment but unfortunately, he did not burden the wounds and he passed away at the age of 33. He was grieved by his family, and close friends. The entire country, including President Obama, sent condolences to grieve.

The killer behind the death of Nipsey Hussle was not anymore but his close friend. For some personal issues, he came to his spot of business and killed him. The police reported the name as Eric Ronald Holder Jr. 


Q: Who is Kross Ermias Asghedam?

A: Kross Ermias Asghedam is the son of Lauren London and Late American Rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Q: Who was Nipsey Hussle?

A: Nipsey Hussle was a Popular American Singer, Entrepreneur, Activist, and Husband of Lauren London.

Q: Who is Lauren London?

A: Lauren London is the mother of Kross Ermias Asghedam and was getting married to Late American Rapper Nipsey Hussle. 

Q: How Old is Kross Ermias Asghedam?

A: Kross Ermias Asghedam was born on 31st March 2016, According to January 2024, he is now 8 years old.

Q: Who has Custody of Kross Ermias Asghedam?

A: Kross Ermias Asghedam is given the Custody of his mother Lauren London and they happily live together. 

Q; What is the Cause of Nispey’s Death?

A: Nipsey Hussle was shot at least 10 times and he got bullets in his chest, legs, arms, and back, which resulted in his death. 

Q: Who Killed the Nipsey Hussle?

A: Nipsey Hussle was killed by one of his close friends who was named by Police as Eric Ronald Holder Jr.

Final Thoughts

Kross Ermias Asgedam is an 8-year-old young boy and is the son of Lauren London and Late American Rapper Nipsey Hussle. He is living in the custody of his mother and is taking part in the Musical Industry. He loves singing just like his father was and is an intelligent boy.

Kross Ermias Asgedam rapidly gained popularity due to the Influence of his celebrity Parents in the Industry. He was just 2 years old when his father was murdered. Nipsey Hussle was killed by one of his close friends and was shot 10 times in his body. 

Lauren London is also a well-known actress in the film industry and she has gained so many fans. She is the mother of Kross Ermias Asgedam and was dating Nipsey Hussle. They were not married but they were preparing for it in 2019, but sadly the Nispey was no longer in this world. 

The journey of Kross Ermias Asgedam is continued and will embrace the fans of his father. People say they see late American singer Nipsey Hussle in the face of Kross Ermias Asgedam.