Life as a Travel Blogger: Advantages and Disadvantages

If there is one thing no one can get enough of, it is traveling. Whether it is going to the beach or visiting a foreign city, traveling is the best cure to relax your body, reset your mind and come back to your daily routine feeling recharged and refreshed.

Because of the numerous benefits that come with traveling, some people have decided to take it to the next level and become a travel blogger. This may be a dream job as it allows you to travel the world while getting paid for your favorite hobby.

However, besides these great perks, there is a tradeoff. You can’t have it all because like any job, being a travel blogger comes with its own set of sacrifices. It is work, and work isn’t always exciting.

To better understand, in this article, we outline several advantages and disadvantages of living the dream life of a travel blogger.

The perks

Discovering the world

Probably the biggest advantage of being a travel influencer is that you get to see some amazing places. Whether it is a US city that isn’t considered a popular holiday destination or an exotic place not many people have heard of, being a travel blogger invites you to all kinds of travel experiences.

Besides this, as you travel, you get to stay in various accommodations which will make your journeys even more memorable. For example, if you are traveling to Houston, Texas, you can look for those cozy and affordable studio apartments in Houston that are located near the most famous attractions in the city so you can see it all and write about it first-hand on your blog.

Earning passive income

Another great advantage of being a travel blogger is that you can earn passive income. If you blog for a few months or years and you are being smart about it, you can start to make some money from it in no time.

Some effective ways you can monetize your travel blog include through contextual advertising, by building partnerships with local companies, selling products or services, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Many travel bloggers even combine several ways together to maximize their passive income.

But, no matter how you do it, you should know that the amount of revenue you generate will depend on your quality of traffic, the number of targeted actions and the size of commission.

The downside

Running a travel blog is challenging

Being a travel blogger doesn’t simply involve visiting a new place and putting out a couple of photos, stories or articles about it. Anyone can do that, which is why many people start a travel blog in the first place. But, once they realize that running a travel blog is challenging and takes time to build it, many of them stop doing it.

In order to be really good at blogging, you must be really creative and innovative with your content so you can increase the number of followers as well as lure in more partners so you can earn more money.

No definite working schedule

If you are someone who likes pre-planning and having everything organized, then this lifestyle is definitely not for you. As a travel blogger, you don’t have a definite working schedule you can abide by as there may be some unexpected events or obligations you must attend or complete for your blog.

This lack of routine can further take a major toll on your body, making you feel exhausted all the time. If you have to travel most of your time, eating well and working out is nearly impossible as your main focus will be on blogging rather than taking care of yourself. As much fun as traveling can be, being a travel blogger isn’t a lifestyle for everyone.

working schedule

Final thoughts

Traveling and earning money on the side is a dream job for many people. The opportunity to see amazing places and gain all kinds of travel experiences, all while generating income are just some of the perks that come with this freelance job.

However, travel blogging is not easy as it requires hard work so you can become the best and most successful travel influencer.

If you want to know more about what it takes to be a travel blogger, refer to our post and learn about the pros and cons that come with this job.