Life In The City Of Joy: Kolkata

If you are someone who wants to lead a life full of mental peace then Kolkata is the city of choice for you. Unlike life in other metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai, life is very steady and saturated. In other metro cities there is a trend of people swinging to and fro in their packed schedule whereas in Kolkata city people are patient and prefer living a slow life.Life being slow but fluid is the specialty of this place. In comparison to the other cities Kolkata is less expensive and affordable. The residents of the city of Kolkata give the city its name: the city of Joy.People here share friendly bonds and lead a soul full life.Apart from this the hospitality showcased by the locals of the city is unmatchable. The city of joy has a lot to preach from its legacy to the rich cultural tales to the informative mythology. Kolkata is well known for the brilliant literature knowledge that the city has which is further preached and preserved by its people. When it comes to music and art, the city has another level of excellence. It not only gives you peace of mind but also is a source of inspiration for people all over the nation.

For people with a great craving for food, Kolkata has a lot to offer on its plate, quite literally. There are different delicacies which are a treat to the taste buds especially for the people with a sweet tooth craving. What’s exotic is the fish delicacies that the city has to offer.

Kolkata is the only city equipped with underground metro facilities. Not only metros but also the facilities of trams and hand pulled rickshaws can not only simplify your commute but also gives a vintage vibe.

In Kolkata you can experience out of the box things and if you actually want to experience those, the only way is to live there. If you are someone who is thinking of buying a house in this part of India. Then it is a decision you wouldn’t ever regret. But since buying a house is a major investment which requires not only your life savings but also additional home loans, decisions should be taken judiciously. Sites should be explored and in case you are availing a home loan information should be collected to have a home loan with least possible interest. 

Before buying a house, these are the factors you should be absolutely clear about 

1. Standard of living- The choice of standard of living in Kolkata can be as per your choice. Whether you are  someone who prefers to live in a terrace garden with a lavish green area in front of it or someone You can choose to stay in a terrace garden apartment overlooking a lavish green area or you are someone who chooses to live in an economical area in a rented house or in a PG in Kolkata, the city has all the options for you..

2. Hygiene- Kolkata is considered to be one of the cleanest cities of India.The tidiness of the city can be easily estimated by seeing the absence of open pits or open construction activity dissipating dust into the air. So far, Kolkata is the only city with compactors for the garbage waste and has waved off the traditional ways for disposing the city’s garbage waste.

3. Technology- Kolkata has always been at the top of its game in the matters of technology. While all the other major cities are still planning on becoming Wi-Fi cities, Kolkata is one of the few cities that has 7 Wi-Fi hotspots which are offering free access to the people of the city.

4. Harmony- More than half of the student population are transients from other parts of the country. When it comes to employees the city gets a lot of migrant influx too in spite of having people from different backgrounds the city harmony still prevails quite efficiently here in Kolkata.

5. Scale- Since the city is emerging at a smaller scale, it is more compact and cozier to stay or work in. The commute is always short and there is no hassle in getting to different places.

If you are someone who’s just looking for a living space without having to invest then taking up a PG in Kolkata is the best bet that you can get. Here under are some prime locations for PG in Kolkata:

NEW TOWN, KOLKATA, INDIA: Newtown in Kolkata is known to be the most popular area for both boys and girls to opt for a PG in Kolkata. The area is quite sound when it comes to security. The houses here are quite spacious and have a warm homely vibe. The area has hospitals, schools and student centers in close proximity which makes it preferable for students to have a house in. The monthly rental of these PGs in Kolkata ranges from 5 thousand to 10 thousand for one bedding. 

MUKUNDAPUR, KOLKATA, INDIA: This area has innumerable ready to move in accommodations which are fully furnished. The living spaces in this area are cheap and durable with all the basic amenities like electricity and water supply, market areas etc. The houses are well built keeping in mind a practical approach which makes living here a better experience. Houses here will cost you somewhere between 4 thousand to 10 thousand depending upon the acquired space.

SALT LAKE, KOLKATA, INDIA: PG in Kolkata, specifically in this location is in demand due to its central locality. The houses here are well built with esthetic appearance. These houses are either fully or semi furnished. The area as a whole is quite warm and living here is an enjoyable experience. These houses are very well ventilated with good facilities. There are some really happening places to hangout in which is a major factor that attracts youth to live here. The living spaces are well maintained and you will definitely get a home-like feeling by living here. These houses have single as well as multiple occupancy options and can cost you between 8 thousand to 12 thousand per bedding.