Lifestyle Changes That Make Sense

Every year on January 1st, people worldwide make lists of resolutions. The goal is to either become a better person or improve your lifestyle. If the latter is more to your liking simply because it’s a concrete, realistic goal, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to enhance the way you live without taking drastic measures like moving to a tropical island or buying a ticket on the next private space flight. What are some of the most beloved strategies for today’s homeowners who want to get more out of each day? Here are several of the top choices for this season as the new year approaches.

Buying an Electric Car

Until you’ve owned an electric car, it’s hard to imagine how much it can change your life for the better. In addition to the obvious fuel savings, driving an electric vehicle (EV) means getting a smoother, quieter ride. Better acceleration is another benefit, as is lower maintenance costs over the car’s life. In general, purchase prices are slightly higher than conventional, gas-powered vehicles. Fortunately, many states and cities still offer significant tax breaks and financial incentives to EV buyers.

Installing a Home Elevator

For thousands of modern homeowners, the single best way to upgrade the look and value of their living space is to install a home elevator. Residential models are space efficient, quiet, use very little energy, and can add to resale value. As an initial question, curious consumers often ask how much do home elevators cost? Prices vary widely based on the size, style, and design of the units. In most cases, the cost is less than a typical home improvement, like adding a bathroom or extra bedroom. Plus, owners soon discover that having an elevator means not worrying about falls on unsafe staircases. Younger homeowners like the idea of having a luxurious, efficient way of moving about the house.

Volunteering for Community Service

Giving your time to those in need is one way to change your own life for the better. It might seem counterintuitive, but when you volunteer for a community service project, you contribute to the betterment of hundreds of lives. What are the top choices? In cities all over the nation, adults are teaching basic English classes, tutoring needy kids, helping to build low-cost homes, and advising new business owners who don’t have the funds to hire professional consultants.

Making a Daily Schedule

Want a no-cost way to change the way you live? Get serious about personal scheduling. If you’re really into the concept, take a free tutorial online or check out any of the hundreds of websites devoted to the topic. Detailed schedules can genuinely transform your everyday lifestyle in profound and lasting ways from better quality sleep to more ambition to achieve your goals. 

Make a list of everything you must do each day throughout a typical week to get started. The first step is eliminating wasted time and things you want to stop doing, like playing computer games or having late night snacks. Finally, fill each day’s hour-by-hour intervals with what you want to be doing at that time. Test drive your new schedule for a week, and adapt it as necessary.

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