Lil Bibby Biography, Life, Career, Net Worth 

Lil Bibby, born Brandon George Dickinson, is a rapper and entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois. He gained popularity in the early 2010s with the release of his debut mixtape, “Free Crack.” Since then, he has continued to release successful music and expand his business ventures.

Early Life and Education

Lil Bibby was born on July 18, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in the city’s East Side neighborhood, which is known for its high crime rates and poverty. Lil Bibby’s father was absent for most of his childhood, and his mother struggled with drug addiction, leaving him to be raised by his grandmother.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Lil Bibby was a good student and attended high school at Jones College Prep. He was interested in music from a young age and began rapping with his friends in his early teens.

Music Career

Lil Bibby’s music career began in 2012 when he released his debut single, “Kill Shit,” featuring fellow Chicago rapper Lil Herb. The song quickly gained popularity on YouTube and helped Lil Bibby gain recognition in the Chicago hip-hop scene.

In 2013, he released his debut mixtape, “Free Crack,” which was a critical and commercial success. The mixtape featured collaborations with established rappers such as Jadakiss and Lil Durk and showcased Lil Bibby’s raw talent and storytelling ability.

Following the success of “Free Crack,” Lil Bibby released two more mixtapes, “Free Crack 2” and “Free Crack 3,” which continued to build his fan base and solidify his place in the hip-hop industry. He has also collaborated with other artists, such as Drake, Chance the Rapper, and Meek Mill.


In addition to his music career, Lil Bibby is also an entrepreneur. In 2016, he founded the record label Grade A Productions and signed fellow Chicago rapper Juice WRLD, who went on to achieve international success before his untimely death in 2019.

Lil Bibby has also invested in real estate and launched his own clothing line, No Limitations. He has spoken about the importance of financial literacy and using his success to give back to his community.

Net Worth

As of 2023, He net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. The majority of his wealth comes from his music career, record label, and various business ventures.

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Personal Life

He is notoriously private about his personal life and keeps his relationships and family out of the public eye. He has spoken about his struggles with addiction in the past and has encouraged his fans to seek help if they are struggling with similar issues.


Q: What is his real name?

A: His real name is Brandon George Dickinson Jr.

Q: When did Lil Bibby start his music career?

A: He started his music career in 2012 with his debut single “Kill Shit.”

Q: What is he net worth?

A: As of 2023, he net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Q: What is Lil Bibby’s record label?

A: His record label is Grade A Productions, which he founded in 2016.

Q: What other artists has Lil Bibby collaborated with?

A: He has collaborated with several other artists, including Drake, Chance the Rapper, and Meek Mill.


Lil Bibby journey from the streets of Chicago to becoming a successful rapper and entrepreneur is a testament to his talent and resilience. He has overcome numerous obstacles to achieve his dreams and has used his success to give back to his community. With his music career and business ventures, Lil Bibby’s net worth is only expected to grow in the coming years.