Look Stunning In Summer Wearing Black- Reasons Not To Abandon Dark Colors

BLACK, when the word comes in your mind, you get a picture of a black beauty coming out from the disney land. The description might not make you understand how beautiful you look but trust everyone out there who always appreciate when you go out wearing black. Black is a symbol of elegance and style. 

No matter what clothes you wear, as long as you wear black, everything looks perfect. The color black is an important color in womens clothing. Whether it’s a chic, satin slip dress, a simple cotton T-shirt or an edgy leather biker jacket, black has become an epitome of fashion and confidence. In fact, every girl loves black, whether they are skinny or fat or just a fit.

When we all love wearing black, why is it that summer becomes a real issue then. As the summer approaches, all those girls who love wearing black, abandon it and go for something of light color? A lot of people prefer wearing black only in winters. The entire winter is occupied with black color, hence people don’t want to try the same outfit in summers as well. 

Summer is the only season where people try different outfit that will satisfy their fashion fever. During the summer, we all want to warn ourselves and others not to wear anything black as it will make us more hot. This idea is repeatedly played during the summer months. So what happens when a fact is repeatedly played over and over again. You will follow it no matter what. We start to keep black in our wardrobe to be used in winter. 

What if you can wear black perfectly in summer times and flaunt your favorite black dress. But before jumping on it, we need to clarify the fact if wearing black is a curse in summer because of the heat being absorbed by the bright sun. no one can stop you from wearing black mesh midi skirt this summer if you know the valid reason of wearing it. 

This is true that heat can affect based on the fabric style. So, we should strictly adhere to the fabric choices in the summer. 

Fact: does black clothes really makes us feel warmer in summer?

The fact comes from the winter season when people alluded that wearing black will make us feel warmer and thus the color black burns us. Whereas, wearing light colored clothes like that of pink or whites will make us feel cooler. That’s why people prefer to wear light colors during summer. 

As per the above fact, there’s no deniance that wearing black in summer will make you cooler. So, if you attempt to wear black in hot summer days, chances are you will return home with excess of sweats. 

If you take the fashion lesson, you will be taught that white color always symbolises sunshine, as its color reflects the heat from the sun and expels it away from us. The fact that our body gives out heat can make the same white outfit not so suitable as it echoes the heat directly back to our skin, making us more warm.

Asking the professionals from physics background will illustrate that black absorbs heat. Which also means that black will absorb the heat from our body as well. The thing we are talking here is about the reflection. The heat is reflected back to the sun which makes us cooler. If the sun absorbs the body heat, it can not reflect back to us. Isn’t it? Hence, the heat absorbed is actually blown away from us. 

Which fabrics will help you in staying cool

Some fabrics can help you in making you cool during summers. Depending upon how breathable the fabric is, you can rely on the black dress without any stress.

The fabric you should choose is 100% cotton. This fabric lets the air circulate through it and is more comfortable if this fabric is there in your black dress. Avoid synthetic alternatives to cotton-like Polyester. The best way to check if the fabric is 100% cotton, is to check for the label.

The best part is, you can find 100% cotton dresses in almost every style from black sheer lace dress to Bardot skater minis.

Cotton is made in such a way that the moisture can be absorbed easily leaving your body dry in summer, Hence, for excess sweaters, this cotton fabric would be the best option to go for. 

Linen is another fabric that is suitable during summer. It doesn’t absorb heat, rather let the air flow freely so the heat can escape.  Chambray is another fabric that will help you in keeping cool during summers plus if you don’t want to wear denim, you can always choose this.

Styling black dress 

Now that you know, you don’t have to sacrifice your fab black outfit for summer. Choose the ones you like and rock the world. The most important thing here is to pair up your black outfit with what? 

Follow these styling tips to look stunning on black:

  • Go with lighter fabrics- sheer works best with black and you can make yourself cool as well. Wear a lace bralette with edgy high-waisted pants or shorts. Black doesn’t mean you have to heavy on the colors. Just go with the light sheer.
  • Adding some colors- this is the plus point of black that I like the most. Black goes with anything. So pick up nude or pastel palettes and set the street on fire. 
  • Don’t forget accessories-  i know the feeling of it when you want to wear something but the summer thought kills your dream. But accessories doesn’t have to be heavy on your body. It can be just a wide-brimmed hat and chic wedges. You can carry a straw bags with seasonal sunglasses. Wow! I can imagine a beautiful lady 😀

Avoid wearing these in the summer

Unlike the popular belief that black dresses makes us more hot, choosing a nice black dress in the summer can make you look stunning and will actually protect you from extreme heat. But you should have an idea about such things that need to be avoided especially in hot climate.

  • Leather will lock your natural body heat 
  • Denim is naturally heavy weight
  • Rayon and polyester are synthetic fabrics which will be more warmer