Looking For Honeymoon Destinations In India? Here Are Top 4 Picks!

You’ve finally done looking at wedding venues in Chennai. The date is fixed. The venue is picked, and all the plans are in place. Now it is time to choose the location of your honeymoon. More than a vacation, the tradition of a honeymoon is to provide the newlyweds some time away from the family to weave their new bond. With such a profound agenda, it behoves brides and grooms to pick a honeymoon destination that fits the bill. 

Thankfully, there is no dearth of honeymoon worthy locations in India. Who says you have to shell out a boatload of money for a foreign honeymoon trip? You’ll find gorgeous, romantic and mystical options right here in India! From powdery sand beaches to verdant greenery, there are endless choices you can pick from for your first getaway as husband and wife.

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A picturesque coastal town in Kerala, you can give Alleppey the moniker of Venice of the East. Full of inland waterways and canals, Alappuzha (as the city is also called) is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want to get lost in nature. 

Hire a houseboat and get lost in the backwaters of Kerala, far away from the hustle and bustle of quotidian life. There is nothing more romantic than waking up to the sounds of untouched nature. 


For all those couples dreaming of a walk on the talcum powder beaches during sunset, the Andamans are the place to honeymoon. Truly a beach paradise, there is no destination better in India. Besides the sun-kissed beaches that make for the quintessential romantic background, the islands have a dash of history and a whole slew of water sports. It means you can absorb ancient history when the mood strikes or go on an adrenalin pumping ride when boredom sets in. 

Candlelit dinners under a canopy of stars, underwater diving and spectacular sunsets on the beach, Andaman has much to offer to couples.


If you ask what’s the perfect sojourn for newlyweds to make unforgettable memories, then the answer is Goa. There is a reason why it has been the top honeymoon destination in India for so long. The myriads of beaches, each offering its own experience, the cool crowd only worried about their own fun and the finger-licking food are just some of the reasons Goa should be your pick.

Choose either a luxury resort or go for a much humbler hotel, depending upon your pocket. But one thing you should not miss is the nightlife. There is nowhere else in the country where you can dance the night away and then go for a couple’s relaxing spa the next morning!


Some couples search for a classical romantic honeymoon destination. For them, Udaipur is the place to be. It is precisely as amazing as the movies depict it. The shimmering, man made lakes in the City of Lakes is just the tip of tranquillity. The iconic palaces steeped in love stories and the museums open you to a world of experience. 

The old-world charm of the city soaks into your bones as you lazily stroll along the streets. The vibrant colours, the appetising food and the variety of cultures sweep you away to a time long gone by. 

To get the best of the romantic air that surrounds Udaipur, we recommend booking the Lake Palace hotel or Jag Niwas. Take a tour of any of the exquisite palaces in the city and click some post-wedding photos (you won’t find a better backdrop)! For sunset, take a boat cruise on Lake Pichola and then have a candlelit dinner on a rooftop restaurant of your choice.These were just four of the locations in India; you can pick for your honeymoon. Just like there is a surfeit of wedding venues in Chennai, there is no scarcity of honeymoon destinations in India. From Leh & Ladhak to Munnar, from Meghalaya to Jodhpur, if you cover the length and breadth of the nation, you’ll find a place that fits your vision of romance and bonding perfectly.