Most Celebrated Love Holidays In The World

We all wait for the holidays to celebrate it either by resting, recollection, or partying. Holidays not only makes us rest but also recharge us and make our bond stronger with loved ones. No matter, you have decided to spend love holidays traveling to different places or to spend it with friends or loved ones, you’ll always enjoy the occasion. Holidays also serve the reminder how lovely and refreshing it to be alive.

Every year, in the world, there are ten’s of holidays depending on countries culture. Some holidays are celebrated throughout the world but some are only one country holiday like Independence Day of each country. However, love holiday are the great chance to celebrate it with family and loved ones. In this article, we have listed those 5 most popular love holidays that are celebrated around the world and are not country culture holidays.

1. Christmas

Christmas is the known as the day of Jesus Christ birth. It is celebrated commonly by Christians throughout the world on December 25th each year. It is a cultural and religious festival that is now celebrated by both Christians and non-Christians. On this day, people decorate Christmas trees and light up the houses with led lights, give gifts, and do parties together. On Christmas, parents put gifts under decorated trees when their kids sleep. In the morning, their kids get the gifts and thanks Santa as they think it is given by the Santa Clause.

It is a world event that is celebrated in more than 160 countries. Some countries like Angola and Uruguay refer it as Family Day or Love Holiday and employees get off. It is celebrated on Nativity of Jesus Christ on 25th of December 1BC. If the Christmas holiday came on weekend, then companies and offices announce nearby weekday as holiday in lieu. Love Holidays

2. Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is another Christians event holiday that is honored to Saint Valentine. He was a 3rd century Catholic priest in Rome. On this day, people spend time with their loved ones and try to make their day special. It is known as the love holiday but the history is not that much loving. According to research, there were many Saints who are named Valentine. But the fact is none of them were loving, romantic or happy in their life. Instead they all are sad because the Rome persecuted Christians on this day and sometime their beheaded them. Love Holidays

The reason why this day is celebrated as romantic day is because the poet Chaucer made a beautiful connection between holiday and birds mating on this day. That resulted 14th February as romance or love holiday in the world. It is not only love day but also to make new friendships and giving gifts day. People send love cards, messages, flowers, and gifts to each other in remind of how special they are. Couple do enjoy in restaurants and spend quality time together.

3. New Year

New Year is a love day that is celebrated in almost all countries on 1st of January every year. As name implies, it is the start of new year by leaving past year behind. It is a public holiday marked in the Gregorian calendar as starting of new year. New Year is not a religious or cultural holiday, it is a man-made event that falls on January 1st. Most companies and offices give holiday 1 to 2 days before new year as people also celebrated New Year’s Eve one day before.

The New Year’s Eve is celebrated with fireworks, ball drop, dancing, partying, alcohol drinking, and snacking till 12AM. People have made new year a tradition which help them set goals to be successful in the coming year. And to forget the failures and hurdles they face in the past. From 1st January, the days start lengthening again which means nature is also cooperating on New Year. Love Holidays

4. Thanksgiving Day

The fourth holiday is Thanksgiving Day that is mainly celebrated as American Day. On this day, almost all schools, offices, businesses are closed due to public holiday. It is a day that let people enjoy with family or friends. As name tells, it is a day to thanks for whatever they have in life. People do get together and eat roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, gravy, stuffings, and the Pilgrims and Wampanoag (the founders of the feast) as lunch.

Traveling from around the world to the United States is the most on this Thanksgiving Day. It seems rush free day but due to traveling it is the busiest day in the US. In some US cities, parades are held to give Thanks. It is also known as the starting of Christmas shopping season which lead to New Years. It is celebrated on 4th of November every year. Love Holidays

5. Easter

The last one is Easter that is celebrated in the honour of Jesus Christ resurrection from the dead. Christians believe that Jesus Christ resurrection from dead happens after 3 days of his crucifixion. It is described with details in the New Testament of the Bible. The main things of this event are Easter eggs, Easter Bunny, and Feasts. Parents decorate a basket with full of Easter treats for their children as well as other children. They also claim that the Easter Bunny visited their house on Easter day. Easter is a holy event that is celebrated mainly in churches around the world. People gathered their perform special prayers.

The tradition of Easter involves dim light in church with prayers sung by Christians to praise Jesus Christ. Moreover, people do charity on this day to show their love for Jesus and the whole day they sing happy songs to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from dead. The most important thing on this day is Egg. Christians believe that egg is the symbol of resurrection. So everyone try to decorate egg and do egg hunting. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon which comes between March 21 to April 25.

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