Make Money With ERP-Cloud Enabled Platforms in 2023!

With its mortar and brick stores, the world has come a long way to accommodate an entire shop inside a QR code! Such innovations are made possible by linking the local stores using ERP tools with E-commerce cloud services via SaaS integrations. But is it really true that your business in 2023 is incomplete without incorporating e-commerce website development features?

Indeed! Here are the top reasons why you should evolve your business model in 2023!

Best Options for E-Commerce Business Development in 2023!

Running a business in 2023 without enabling the various online sales and marketing channels is a slow-burn strategy for losses. Instead, you can pick among these options to establish your footing against your competition by adopting comprehensive e-commerce website development!

Before diving into what’s and what’s not of E-Commerce development, it’s vital to understand the purpose fulfilled by E-Commerce solutions. In simpler terms, setting up E-Commerce requires planning, developing and launching a website for customers to shop online. But there’s more!

Integrating E-commerce successfully into your business requires ascertaining your business needs and managing its challenges. For the latter, you have the following popular options:

  • Build a Website using Open Source tools.
  • Customise or Integrate a SaaS (Software as a Service) Solutions.
  • Incorporate MACH Architecture.

Surely these terms are far from easy to understand for a layman. Hence, here’s what each of them requires you to do to establish your e-commerce presence.

  • Build A Website from Open Source

Customizability is the best thing about building an online shopping or e-commerce website from scratch. Unfortunately, it’s equally or more challenging too when you don’t have a capable IT team to design it for you. Please note that designing a website requires more than solving the aesthetic criteria.

Building a website from the ground up requires working with code to modify aspects of the website and its elements. Ultimately, the way a website behaves defines its functionality, which thereon is responsible for tanking or driving sales. Hence, choosing this path may be too expensive for some businesses because it needs to deal with PCI compliance, web hosting, security issues, updates, etc.

  • Customise or Integrate SaaS Solutions

Adopting the use of SaaS solutions for business is also defined as the SaaS E-Commerce niche, where top programs like Acumatica and BigCommerce already lead the market. The functions fulfilled by such solutions can help integrate your existing business tools with cloud platforms.

In layman’s terms, using SaaS solutions like MYOB Advanced Shopify Integration allows businesses to rent a platform. In turn, the platform provider will handle security, updates and such issues on behalf of the business organisation or the owner. What’s better is that such platforms can also be integrated with other open-source solutions and platforms!

  • Use MACH Architecture

Typically, Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) can suffice by using older E-Commerce models. (Such businesses where the store frontend and server-sided backend are integrated to perform in sync.) While it requires lower operational costs, it also reduces the possibilities of scaling your business.

Therefore, business organisations with greater capital and daily operational needs adopt the MACH Architecture. It is nothing but combining microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless technologies together to build enterprise software.

Amazing Prime Benefits Of Adopting E-Commerce in 2023!

Even when you may not have completely understood the terms above, don’t worry. You can look them up in-depth elsewhere (YouTube). Meanwhile, here are the benefits you could gain from using either of the three of them:

  • Increase Your Brand Identity & Reach

The functionality and appearance of your website determine the identity of your business for consumers in today’s world. So, harnessing the latest E-Commerce Development solutions can help you establish a positive lasting impression on your customers. Over time, it will inevitably attract more consumers to your store, especially consumers that re-visit!

  • Boost Your Business Marketing 

One might question how a solution like MYOB Woocommerce Integration helps marketing, and indeed, how does it? Well, here’s how – Using the analytics obtained from your MACH Architecture solution or SaaS integrations can help you create better marketing propositions.

Likewise, putting them in execution can also be backed by using the same analytics results, effectively helping you focus where the rewards are consistent and maximum.

  • Improving SEO Strategies

Consider any typical internet surfing user bored even after they land on your website. From here onwards, your website’s page speed and responsiveness will decide whether you bag the sale or lose it. Hence, such conditions can be driven to derive more sales by improving SEO strategies using relevant e-commerce website development solutions.

  • Understand Your Customers

Using the modern E-Commerce tools at your disposal can help you learn what is desired and favoured by your customers. Simultaneously, you can develop products that match those demands while offering novelty, bringing you sales from where they arrive the most.

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