Marriage Rituals that are Popular in the Kamma Community

The Kamma community has a long and rich history. It derives its name from the earrings worn by Goddess Laxmi. In Tamil, the word ‘Kamma’ means earrings. Like other traditional communities, weddings in the Kamma community have some interesting customs. For this reason, most people in the Kamma community often look for partners from the same community on a matrimony platform. Once you’ve found your partner, take a look at some of the rituals that are a part of Kamma weddings. 


Nalagu is a haldi ceremony for the bride and groom. For this, the bride dons a white saree with a red border and the groom wears a white dhoti. Though the ceremony is known by the same name and may be conducted on the same day, it is held separately for the bride and groom in their respective homes. As part of the ceremony, their family members anoint them with aromatic oils and a turmeric paste. Once the ritual is completed, the bride and groom are supposed to stay inside their homes until the wedding day. 

Vira Guddi Mokaddam

This is a ceremony for the groom. He visits a temple with his immediate family and a few other elders. Near the temple, a tent is set up containing four or five bricks symbolising the temple’s heroes. The groom offers a prayer to these bricks. Next, he offers a prayer at the temple and breaks a coconut in front of the temple’s idols.


The couple comes together and is seated side by side. The couple’s family and friends then smear a thin turmeric paste on the couple’s face, arms and legs. This is a fun-filled event enjoyed by the couple as well as their families. The couple is then sent to shower and given a new set of clothes. Subsequently, they return to celebrate with everyone else.


Snathakam is a ceremony to prepare the groom for the wedding. It usually takes place at his home. Priests give the groom a janey or silver thread and chant prayers to bless it. The thread symbolises that he is ready for the upcoming marriage and all the responsibilities that come with it. Check aslo marriage dua.

Kashi Yatra

The Kashi yatra is a dramatic ceremony with the groom and the bride’s father in the spotlight. The groom pretends to run away from the wedding venue saying he wants to go Kashi and become a hermit, and the bride’s father convinces him not to. The bride’s father explains the importance of the married life. Though it is all fun and games, the groom can pretend to be quite serious about running away and the to and fro can be entertaining for the guests. Eventually, of course, the groom happily returns to the mandap to formalise the wedding.

These rituals and small ceremonies are just as important as the pheras. They give Kamma matrimony a unique touch and it is best to understand the symbolism behind each ceremony rather than simply go through the events. When you and your partner know the reason behind why ceremonies are held, you’ll be able to enjoy them and start your wedded life on a blissful note.