Mastering the Art of Getting More Instagram Likes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Likes on Instagram is one of the first social metrics to measure post and channel performance. It acts as a go-to indicator for myriads of brands and influencers. On this social media platform, more than 500 million users click the Like button daily. For brands, businesses, and influencers struggling to increase an engagement rate, getting more Instagram likes is one of the most effective tricks.

Receiving likes is simple but getting them in enough amounts is challenging. To engage more people and persuade them to follow and invest in your business, brand, or Instagram channel, you will require obtaining a large number of likes. Boosting likes can improve visibility, develop, and strengthen credibility, bring organic engagement, and bring monetization opportunities.

In this post, you will discover a step-by-step guide to mastering the art of receiving more likes organically.

1. A high-quality photo

You may hear or read it many times – a high-quality picture or photo is worth a thousand words. This is true on the Instagram platform also. However, it doesn’t mean posting any pictures randomly. Say no to poorly lit, pixilated, or blurry photos, and take and upload premium-quality photos.

If you can’t afford an expensive camera, you can simply use your smartphone and generate a quality shot in HDR mode. Make sure photos have 1080 pixels in width. To avoid any fluctuation or blurry effect, you can use a smartphone tripod that will keep your smartphone steady. Use a filter while uploading your photos ensuring it appeals to users. Mayfair is ideal for interactions, as reported by the TrackMaven study.

2. Don’t compromise on video quality        

Posts with high-quality videos drive 38% more engagement on Instagram than those simply having photos, according to Mention. Moreover, videos help in getting the best ROI (return on investment) for social media marketing efforts. So, embrace video content in your posts.

Just like photos, good videos can be created at an effective cost using smartphones. For engaging video posts, you can also use screen capture software and create animated videos. You can use different types of video content like events, interviews, product demos, case studies, and behind-the-scenes videos.

How-to tutorials are the most engaging Instagram video content, according to Wibbitz. Try to keep your videos in 3-60 seconds length, MP4 format, 1.91:1 to 4:5 aspect ratio, up to 512 MB file size (50MB for quicker uploading), and portrait, landscape, or square orientation.

3. Use relevant hashtags

Using popular hashtags relevant to your niche can bring your post in front of existing and potential viewers. Most importantly, there are several trending hashtags, phrases, or terms in every niche.

To reach as many users as possible in your local area and niche, use location-based hashtags generously and strategically. Instagram allows using up to 30 hashtags per post but never overuse these terms as it may overkill your post and strategy. One to nine hashtags are enough to drive better engagement.

If you don’t know what hashtags are trending in your niche, then find a word or phrase related to your business or image in the Instagram search bar. Input # before keywords in the caption to find popular hashtags. You can also use a hashtag generator to produce the best-related hashtags.

4. Convincing captions

Apart from hashtags, captions are other important elements that play a pivotal role in driving the attention of more viewers, keeping them engaged in the content, and boosting Instagram likes. Captions provide a voice to your content, reflect your personality and instruct followers.

Use a compelling caption that is powerful enough to make viewers watch your content. Make sure that your caption gets the perfect tone with an authentic and human touch. Try to first put in crucial details and then place hashtags in the end.

If you want your users to do some action, then ask them to do so by adding the required call-to-action. Remember, emojis can tell a lot instantly. Thus, use emojis to add personality and bring the eyes to your content. You can also use compatible emojis as a substitute for the text. 138-150 characters is are ideal length for a caption, however, try to keep it as concise as possible to get the most interaction.  

5. Tagging is a key to get more likes

Whenever you create any content whether it is an image, video, or textual, don’t forget to tag other relevant brands and people. Tagging them will help you give them the required credit and direct your followers in their way. Additionally, it will notify others about your new content upload. Moreover, it helps your content appear on their profile. It’s all possible via the ‘tagged in’ section of Instagram.

When you tag any people or a brand in your posts, be sure that you put tags in the images as well as the caption. This is significantly important when you are shouting out for an associate, fan, or customer, working with another business, answering users’ questions, declaring a contest winner, sharing someone’s posts on your Instagram feed, or thanking someone.

6. Schedule your posts

To get your content to reach the desired audience quickly, it’s essential to schedule your posts. Uploading your content at the right time when your target audience is active online will maximize Instagram likes and drive more engagement. The perfect day and time to post your content is 11 PM on Wednesday, according to Sprout Social. However, the best time depends on your country.

7. Purchase real likes

If you don’t get the required likes and engagements using the above strategies, buy real likes from trusted service providers to provide an instant boost in the like count. This is the simplest tip that provides quick outcomes without wasting much time and effort. The major advantage of buying authentic likes from genuine Instagram users is that you can buy the required number of likes to show the growth naturally to users and Instagram’s algorithm.