Maternity Dresses: A Guide to Choosing the Right Fit

Pregnancy is an incredible journey that brings emotional and physical changes to a woman. When your body gets bigger, your clothes must change too, especially the dresses you wear during pregnancy.

The right maternity dress can make you feel comfortable, stylish, and confident. Selecting the right dress fit will make every pregnancy step much more enjoyable. In this guide, you will know the important factors when choosing the perfect maternity dresses for your changing body. 

1. Understanding Your Changing Body

In the first three months, you might not see visible changes in your body.  Afterward, your belly will get bigger, and you’ll gain weight in different body parts. When shopping for dresses, you must remember all these major changes. 

2. Fabric Matters

One of the most important factors when choosing maternity dresses is the fabric. Avoid fabrics that feel tight or irritate your skin when you’re pregnant. 

Here are some common fabrics to look for:


Cotton is perfect for maternity dresses because the material lets your skin breathe and helps you stay comfortable.


The spandex materials stretch a lot, which is great for changing body shape throughout pregnancy.


Modal feels silky and smooth across the skin. You may feel like you’re wearing something cozy and soft draping well over your body. 

3. Styles for Every Occasion

Here are some maternity dress options for different occasions:

Casual Dresses

Casual maternity dresses are loose-fitting and relaxed. Hence, casual dresses are perfect for everyday wear, such as grocery shopping or chilling at home. 

Work Dresses

If you need maternity dresses for the office, look for options with a tailored or empire waist design that flatters your belly while still looking professional.

Special Occasion Dresses

There are maternity dresses for every occasion, including weddings and baby showers. Depending on the event, such dresses have beautiful details and may seem fancy due to the material used.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are long, flowy, and adaptable to your mood. You can wear them when you want to dress up or feel lazy.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses have an adjustable fit, which is a good choice for pregnancy. You can adjust the waistline as your belly grows.

4. Size and Fit

When choosing maternity dresses, you can begin with the size you wore before you got pregnant. Most dresses are made to fit your growing belly, so you’ll often wear the same size. You will only need a bigger size if you gain weight in your other body parts.

You can try on the dresses before you buy them or check the size chart if you’re shopping online. Look for dresses with ties, drawstrings, or stretchy bands that you can adjust. 

5. Supportive Features

Some maternity dresses have built-in shelf bras or straps that you can change to fit you better. Also, some dresses have a supportive panel around your belly that helps take some pressure off your lower back.

6. Changes in Seasons

You must think about the weather when you’re choosing maternity dresses. Maternity dresses that are light and breathable are perfect for a hot summer. 

In contrast, you should wear warmer and cozier dresses in winter to keep you warm. Additionally, you can layer up with maternity leggings or tights to stay warm during the cold season.

Choosing the Right Maternity Dress

Without a doubt, choosing the right maternity dress means finding a super comfy, fashionable one that gives you many choices. Check out the different pregnancy dresses, whether you are dressing up for a special event or hanging out at home.