May 2020 Monthly Horoscope

This month is filled with ACTION. Ideas take shape in quick succession, and if we choose to state our intentions aloud, it is as if the Universe decides to make it so.

 Yes, do the work. There is intensity in our words, our actions and our desires, that element it’s now or never , is particularly strong. The dreaming about what we would like is over after this month. Get into gear for a busy Spring.

There is renewed enthusiasm and we can see what our rewards are going to be if we do the work and take action. 

We always have choices, because we are the creators of our own experience. We could choose not make a choice, and after the fact, realize that it was made for us but perhaps not our liking. 


Tie up those loose ends the first part of this month. Speaking out of turn, making promises you cannot deliver is a temptation, think before taking on more things. Work with the ideas you have had throughout the past two months. Weed out those projects you don’t really want to do. If you’ve booked travel for the Autumn, double-check that the pertinent insurance was handled properly. In hindsight, May may be blurry with frenzied activity. This is an excellent time to address investment, savings and other financial matters that you want to yield good results down the road. Quick returns aren’t necessarily a good ‘gamble’ now.


Hit the ground running every morning, you can get support, assistance and be heard best then. Venus of love and the good things in life is in your sign until mid-April, which brings you appreciation and even financial gain. Choose steady and stable rather than opt for those ‘in and out’ financial gambles. What action do you need to take this May 2020, in order to realize those dreams and aspirations you have been pondering over the first months of the year? Check out the quote for this month—how many ‘yes, but’ statements come to mind? This is an excellent month to bounce ideas off friends and colleagues; perhaps, a synchronistic happenstance or comment will help you gain a fresh perspective.


Watch your Ps and Qs this month. You’ve likely come to many a realization over the past couple of weeks, and are ready to tackle just about anything. However, it is easier for you to make more adamant statements than usual, thus consider the first sentence a strong heads up. Your schedule, in the meantime, is not easing up anytime soon but in addition to everything else, you need to deal with some challenging individuals and/or organizations. We catch more bees with honey than vinegar; therefore keep your words sweet. If you are scheduling travel, engagements and other commitments to a year ahead, note that those plans may change—leave room to bow out.


Focus on what you would like to see happen, consider all of your options rather allow yourself to be dragged into the ‘latest dramas’. The next six weeks, after the weekend, bring new thoughts, ideas and options to the forefront—don’t let others dictate the pace you’d rather be following. This month, you should be the one calling the shots. If you aren’t, what is the reason you are holding back? Life’s funny like that—we know what we need to do but spend too much time worrying about the ‘what ifs’. Whatever you do now, is noticed, act accordingly is the message.


How you are dealing with life now depends on your age. Those born in the 1950’s are having a challenging time—you’d rather be doing anything else, something else. The kicker is that you need to decide what choice is the best one for you, to break free or to wait things out. Born in the 1960’s, get out of your rut! Find new ways to make bucks! Check in with your financial advisor, learn how to make those savings grow! Born in the 1970’s, find the right balance; you know you want a lifestyle—but what kind? 1980’s babies are busily shedding illusions and 1990’s Leos are feeling older than their years in terms of wisdom.


Issues from the past are cropping up; something that you thought was resolved back then. Handling those matters and relationship issues that up your time this month. All the while, you feel that you really have no spare time. From Thursday, onward, work-related matters gain more importance. Taking care of all those details regarding official correspondence or arrangements becomes a preoccupation. Who knew that getting married, buying a house, etc. involved so much planning? This May nobody seems to have the time; everyone simply lists all the things that still have to be done.


If you have been busy for the past eight weeks, and hope that it might slow down, I must give you a heads up, it won’t. Indeed, the pace will pick up. In addition, you will need to handle insurance and taxation matters—perhaps fixing something from ages ago that has been caught up by the bureaucracy. Perhaps instead one of the major appliances needs replacing, but you hadn’t planet for it yet. If negotiating a new deal (pay hike, etc.), note that you need to have ‘proof’, supporting statements, and the like in order to accomplish the task at hand. I need, is not enough.


According to YearlyHoroscope, your creative energy is in high gear, meaning that you have ideas galore, which can make it challenging to handle day-to-day obligations. It is easy to get sidetracked. This month is about ACTION, which for you equates to more work. It might feel like you are running a sprint every hour, and then need to be ready to go again. Plan to have some leisure time, sit down for a meal (rather than eat on the run) and grab a piece of fruit (or take your vitamins), vitality can fluctuate now. If you push yourself too hard, you may become more susceptible to the virus of the month. Are you getting some relaxing exercise every day (or two)?


Family matters, household management and even renovations, serious maintenance become important. Anything you neglected over the past two months needs to be addressed now. Your innate enthusiasm is revitalized, which has you planning fun activities, maybe this year you’ll run your softball team, chess club etc. Perhaps you should be the one to volunteer to be the coach for your kid’s team. Those of you in a creative profession have new opportunities materializing—serious commitment is demanded now. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to do what you love?


Dreams, sudden insights and synchronistic events in your life make you pause to ponder the deeper meaning of life. Periodically we need to take stock of where we are in life, and where we want to be headed. In the now, is what you are doing helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself? Changes are just around the corner with family, maybe a change of residence, a baby or a grandchild. month, however, you need more ‘downtime’ to process all of those insights, ideas and even the incredible amount of information we are bombarded with daily.


It’s the season for weeding out the garden, getting bulbs planted etc. That theme figuratively applies to your life. That is letting go of tasks, possessions and obligations that no longer serve any feasible purpose. This might mean relationships as well. We grow apart, perhaps we no longer share enough to support a friendship, or have little we want to do to support our employer, etc. What seeds do you want to plant in order to create a different kind of future? Life is about choices, each choice we make alters our life’s path. Life is what we make of it, and giving ourselves permission to do so, is extremely liberating.


Second-guessing your choices may put a crimper on your plans; maybe you need to look at your options from a different perspective. In terms of romance, this is a lovely month, and it is easy for you to express how you feel, in words this time. You can launch into action once again. During the six weeks that follow, you’ll have extra energy and will feel (and act) more assertively. You might be more prone to rush; instead when the urge to do it quicker surfaces, take a deep breath and deliberately slow down. This May 2020 , note that if a promise made sounds too good, chances are it is.