Meitrack is a professional innovator of high-quality GPS trackers

The Meitrack group is a professional innovator of high-quality GPS trackers and has achieved global customer satisfaction. The company can boast a good wealth of experience in this industry. They have continually set industry standards. This is the reason their products have always made it to the top list of outstanding GSP devices.

Not all companies are the same. Meitrack offers multiple GPS trackers and other additional accessories like fuel/temperature sensors, cameras, microphones and even RFID readers.

The company provides a wide range of solutions. They have gained global support from customers in regards to their products.

Let us take a look at some Meitrack products

GPS tracker for T366L (4G) vehicles

The T366L operates on a 4G network. Running on a 4G network offers better signal transmission and faster transmission of information between devices and between platforms. The GPS tracker for T366L (4G) vehicles is an updated version of the T366 series and has become one of the best tracking devices due to its durability and compatibility.

The robust appearance of the T366L has a high degree of waterproofness with IP67 protection.  The GPS tracker for T366L (4G) vehicles locator can be used without problems even for boats.

The T366GL contains sensors that help detect abused driving habits such as sudden acceleration and hard braking.  With this GPS, people are given room not only to monitor their vehicles but also to ensure they are not abused.

Accessories can also be installed to ensure adequate monitoring of critical vehicle components such as iButton, fuel and temperature sensors for added safety.

GPS Tracker T633L (4G)

The T633L model is a new 4G GPS locator that can be connected to multiple accessories. These include RFID readers, cameras and LED digital tube displays. In addition, the T633L also supports driving behaviour analysis, fuel level monitoring and temperature monitoring. T633L is one of the most versatile and popular trackers in the industry. The package comes with the CanBus interface, which connects and reads valuable data from compatible vehicles.

MT90G personal GPS tracker

This is a perfect GPS solution for children and the elderly.

Innovations have led to the development of this new personal MT90G GPS tracker. Like the original MT90, the MT90G is small and light, with all the features of the original model. The MT90G has a long battery life that can stay up to 10 days in standby or “sleep mode”. Another feature of the MT90G is that it has an integrated “inactive staff” alarm that can send an emergency e.

The MT90G not only has tracking abilities but also has a built-in microphone and speakers that can perform two-way audio and enable monitoring. It has no dials and only two simple buttons. It is is one of the simplest GPS to use on the market today. MT90G has classified IP65 and waterproof.

The new features include a “fall” warning and the sensors in the GPS locator that can detect when the device lands on the ground. It sends an alert to the designated contact.

The MT90G is small, but it has many features that can only be found in large GPS trackers. The versatility of the MT90G makes it very popular and today is still one of the top ten personal GPS trackers on the market.

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