Michael Sinclair Of Las Vegas Nevada Discusses His Company Haftoo And Philanthropy

Michael Sinclair is a successful public speaker based out of Las Vegas Nevada and leader of a non profit named Haftoo. Struggle is a way of life for many families. Asking for help shouldn’t be something that you should be ashamed to ask. This is what motivated Michael to create Haftoo. An organization influenced by innovation and driven by liberality. Their main focus is to make it easy for anyone that needs help to reachout to kind-hearted people. Haftoo is viewed as an advanced method for giving and sharing.

Michael has a goal of helping those in need, and scaling his philanthropic work all over the world. Michael is the CEO of an organization located in Asia. Michael has multiple duties which requires him to frequently travel while sharing his knowledge at multiple speaking events each year.

Michael has spoken about multiple topics, for example, blockchain innovation and the fate of web based businesses. As a sought after public speaker, Michael has no problem sharing his massive knowledge on blockchain innovation and how it will positively impact the world. He has shared his views at multiple events with as much as 1000+ participants in the crowd.

When Michael isn’t traveling, his focus is his work with Haftoo. Michael is passionate about helping others. Haftoo helps with assisting individuals with getting the help they need so they can get back on their feet.

If you would like to contact Michael and discuss a speaking opportunity, you can connect with him on Haftoo.com. Michael Sinclair is based out of Las Vegas Nevada and has a reputation of helping his local community along with being an astounding speaker.