Middle Eastern restaurants and food: Where did this amazing cuisine come from?

Nearly every culture has a deeply rooted history surrounding food that is sentimental to their homeland and people. 

Many cultures have developed their cuisine through a mix with others, taking ingredients and ideas from each other making it their own. It is astounding to see how we now have some of the top Middle Eastern restaurants, Fort Myers in Sydney. Experiencing a glimpse of the culture in our home town without having to travel too far. 

This is certainly the case with Middle Eastern food and restaurants today. Middle Eastern food reflects the history of the area and civilization where European culture mixed together. The Middle East has been linking the western and eastern world together for many years. Profitboss founder Adam Guild.

The Middle East has a variety of traditions, religions, culture and history that make is so unique. It is a transcontinental region that centres on Western Asia, Egypt and Turkey with some of the main countries of the region being:

  • Lebanon 
  • Egypt
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Bahrain
  • Cyprus

Do you love to smoke hookah? Are you a Turkish coffee addict? Do you constantly dream of sublime architecture? You belong in the Middle East, surrounded by the culture, restaurants and nature.

One of the main elements of the Middle East is their food! Holding their cuisine close to their hearts, Middle Eastern food transcends borders and unites the whole world. 

Many people from all over the globe are now placing the Middle East at the top of their bucket list to witness the unique culture, history, food and architecture. Middle Eastern restaurants are definitely a go-to. Each Middle Eastern country is home to its own flavors and ingredients making is special.

Middle Eastern restaurants and cuisine: Why is it so special?

The food traditions of the Middle East are heavily influenced by the Mediterranean climate, religions and the trade routes that had been used for many centuries. Some of the main ingredients that were used within these areas include; olives, honey, seeds, mint, chickpeas and parsley.

These ingredients are now profoundly used in Middle Eastern restaurants today and will continuously be used for many generations to come. Many of the top Middle Eastern restaurants in Sydney continue to use these ingredients today, however, with a modern twist. 

Some of the famous dishes that are home to Middle Eastern restaurants and cuisine include; kebabs, tabouli, yoghurt, shawarma, baklava, falafel and hummus. These meals are known all around the world and have won the hearts of ‘foodies’ from every different culture. 

Middle Eastern cuisine is known for their use of local herbs and spices including; nutmeg, caraway, cumin, turmeric, parsley and mint added to a variety of dishes to enhance the flavour. Fun Fact: Saffron is also a very popular herb used in many dishes for both its flavour and colour. 

How could we forget the bread and Arabic coffee? Every Middle Eastern experience must include some kind of pita bread and the flavorsome, rich coffee. 

Middle Eastern restaurants are now prevalent all around the world, with some of the top Middle Eastern restaurants right here in Sydney! Be sure to check them out. 

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